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  • Safe and effective natural cleaning products
  • Made from plant based materials
  • Free from toxic chemicals
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Conserve natural resources with Full Circle's plant-based, biodegradable cellulose cloths that can be used again and again. (And again, for good measure).  The perfect reusable paper towels!

  • Wipe up spills, wash dishes or clean your tables
  • Works like a paper towel, but lasts for months!
  • Naturally absorbent and 100% biodegradable
  • Freshen in the dishwasher or by boiling in water

Materials: cellulose

Comes in a set of 3 colors with one of each of sun, sea and scarlet

Sustainably made in China

Cloths are treated with a saline solution to prevent them from drying out, so they may have a damp feeling upon opening.

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Review by Cris on 2/10

these are very durable. Have only had them 2 weeks but they have been put to the test, hold up well and my conscience feels better since the paper towel roll has not been used at all since these arrived.

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