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  • Safe and sustainable
  • Made from non-toxic materials
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Preserve Triple Razor blades provide a high-performance shave that is close and comfortable.  Each blade has a titanium coating to reduce drag and to ensure their long-life.  A lubricating strip with Vitamin E and aloe helps to soothe sensitive skin.  

The Preserve Triple Razor couldn't be simpler to use. Just squeeze the arms of the Razor handle, pop off the old blade cartridge, and then press in a new one. The combination of the three blades produces a closer shave, while the lubrication strip makes for a much kinder, gentler experience. Preserve made the replacement blades so easy to use for a simple reason: they want you to keep your Triple Razor as long as possible, maybe even forever.


  • For men and women
  • Titanium coat for performance
  • Lubrication strip for comfort
  • Use with Preserve Triple, Gillette Sensor and Personna Acti-Flex.
  • Sold in packs of four

Unlike all other Preserve products which are made in the USA, our razor blades are assembled in Mexico.

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Review by ebright75 on 6/24

I've used these a few times and am very happy with the quality. The blade is fine and cuts well, especially when new. It can get too much hair trapped in the blades though but you can just smack the razor against something to clear it .

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