reusable produce bags

What Makes it Mighty?

  • Each Use Saves One Plastic Bag
  • Smart design: Drawstring close ample room, & transparent mesh
  • Tested free of lead & heavy metals
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The Flip & Tumble set of 5 reusable produce bags are the best alternative to plastic produce bags that you end up throwing away. The Flip & Tumble bags have everything you need to reign in those awesome artichokes, tangy tangerines, perfect peaches, and more. You'll find a ton of uses for them outside the market as well. They make the perfect little stashing place for travel toiletries, shoes, or other little odds and ends. The small storage pouch makes for a good carrying case for the produce bags.

  • Set of 5
  • Bag size 12" x 14"
  • 100% polyester with no additional coatings
  • Tested to be free of lead and heavy metals
  • View products inside easily through the mesh polyester
  • Machine washable
Made ethically in China
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Review by Anonymous on 5/8

In concept these are great. I love them for things like garlic, potatoes, mushrooms, lemons, and other things that won't wilt in the refrigerator or are going to sit out of the frig. However, for things like lettuce, broccoli and other things that wilt, I'd rather put them into a plastic bag at the grocery store (sometimes ones I've reused) so that I can put them right into the frig. So for me, unfortunately I don't use these for all of my produce.

Review by Anonymous on 3/8

Fantastic! We are using very few plastic bags now, this is an amazing product. machine washes easily, line dry in a flash. Love them!

Review by W. Ingle on 6/26

Love them! Washed up easily in the washing machine, and I'm glad not to have to use the store's plastic.

Review by Becky MacBain on 6/13

I absolutely love these produce bags!! I used to get so many strange looks at the grocery store when I would bring these out in the produce section. Now I get at least four to five people asking me where I got them. Sturdy, washable, and reusable. Absolutely perfect!!

Review by Trisha on 4/24

These are great! I feel so good about not wasting those produce bags anymore. And they stay really clean!

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