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  • Removes contaminants from drinking and bath water
  • BPA-free housing and components

Crystal Quest Classic Disposable Countertop Water Filter system eliminates the impurities of tap water to offer great taste and pureness. The perfect solution for any household, it is quick and easy to install and use, attractive, convenient, and effectively removes many contaminants from water.  This solid state water filter uses the latest technologies that blend the adsorption capabilities of coconut shell activated carbon with Eagle Redox Alloy® and more.   Eagle Redox Alloy® is a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction (REDOX) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost inexhaustibly oxidized.  NSF certified.

Water travels through 6 stages of filtration. The unique design allows for a substantial amount of filtration media enabling more contact time with the water. More contact time means better filtration. This filter removes suspended particles such as silt, sediment, cyst (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust, dirt, and other un-dissolved matter.  Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, cadmium, aluminum, and other dissolved metals are removed from the water by the electrochemical process. Additionally it filters chlorine (99.9%), chemicals linked to cancer (THM's, benzene) pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's),  PCB's, MTBE's and hundreds of other chemical contaminants that may be present in water causing bad taste and odors in your drinking water.

Sits on the counter and easily connects to any standard kitchen or bathroom faucet. CRYSTAL QUEST ® water system is very simple to hook up and use. It installs in minutes without tools on all standard faucets. From unfiltered water to filtered - just turn the diverter switch


Designed in an attractive white BPA-free plastic housing, with silicone tubing. Choose from the following sizes: 
  • Plus: 10,000 gallons (1-3 years filtration capacity)
  • Ultra: 20,000 gallons (2-4 years filtration capacity)
  • Ultimate: 30,000 gallons (3-5 years filtration capacity)
Operating Specs:
Min Operating Pressure:                20 psi (pounds per sq. in.)
Max Operating Pressure:               60 psi (pounds per sq. in.)
Min Operating Temperature:          40 degrees F
Max Operating Temperature:         90 degrees F
Max Flow Rate:                             0.5 gallons per minute

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*This item ships directly from manufacturer. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  

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