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The organic cotton reusable baby wipes are a natural and eco-friendly alternative to disposable baby wipes.  Made from ultra-soft unbleached organic cotton flannel with stiched edges and generously sized.  Use with your favorite wipe solution or simply with plain water.  Perfect for delicate baby skin.

The Super Wipe earns its versatility with its two distinct layers: The terry side is perfect for those sticky messes, while the super-soft, plush side is gentle enough to rinse your newborn's smiling face. These two, distinct sides not only add versatility—but strength.  Super Wipes are far more durable than common, flimsy wipes—and much more absorbent! Plus, it's generously sized to cover your hand, protecting you from the grubbiest of messes!

  • set of 6 reusable wipes
  • dimensions: 8" x 8"
  • can be used for babywipes or washcloths

Please note: Stiching may vary in color. 

Made in the US
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