Silicone Mixing Spoon (3 colors)

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  • Made from safe materials: bamboo, wood, glass and stainless steel
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This sturdy silicone mixing spoon is perfect to mix, stir and scrape. The spoon has a metal core which is helpful when mixing thick batters (like cookie dough), but flexible enough to scrape like a spatula.

  • heat resistant to 425 degrees
  • dishwasher safe
  • no odor and easy to clean
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Review by Anonymous on 3/17

I've been on the search for a great mixing spoon for cookies, cake batters, etc. My mom has a big metal spoon with a thick, round wooden handle that I used growing up and it was GREAT. That's what I'm looking for. This spoon is actually the best I've found so far. The only downside is when mixing stiff doughs, the end of the spoon bends too easily, not always getting all the bits from the bottom of the bowl. So for stiff doughs, I still need a metal spoon/wooden, but this spoon is really nice for everything else!

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