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Many parents carry string games along on trips, to restaurants, visitis with relatives as a way to pass the time and share tricks. Our kids grandma's have fond memories of playing cat's cradle as children.  These string figures have been proven to help in brain delvelopement. And they are fun!

Here is the link to International Association of string figures. There are books to teach you how and videos on You Tube.

These are cut, melted and hand-dyed by Josh; made in USA. If they break, light a candle and burn the ends back together. (adults only)

These are the strings used in most of the waldorf schools; classes 1-5.

Wonderful for older children and adults to teach to younger children. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

These beautiful strings are great to stick in a purse or backpack to play with while waiting anywhere. The string games themselves are found in every culture around the world.

Here are 4 games and some instructions to get you started.

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Review by Anonymous on 8/22

This simple and fun toy keeps my daughter and her friends busy for hours. It brings back memories for everyone who sees them playing happily!

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