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  • Safe and effective natural cleaning products
  • Made from plant based materials
  • Free from toxic chemicals
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From little things, big things grow—including the amount of suds you can create with this unique soap dish and brush. A platform-spring construction in the sturdy ceramic base generates foam when you dip the bamboo brush, and the minimalist design looks great on your counter.

Materials: ceramic, bamboo, recycled plastic, metal spring

  • Natural ceramic base is eco-friendly 
  • Add soap and a little water to base.
  • Move brush up and down to generate foam.
  • Ceramic base & platform act as a soap dispenser and a clean storage solution for your brush.

Sustainably made in China

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Review by Anonymous on 4/15

This is a really nice set up, and the brush feels nice to hold and wash dishes with. Requires some care putting back in dish so all bristles stay in and they don't start losing shape. My husband the dishwasher is not so careful, but I found if I put a large rubber band (like the kind that holds broccoli together in the store) around the bristles near the brush head, then they still wash well but also hold together when placed in the dish. And I notice one can also buy replacements. All in all this is a great set up and much preferred to the Oxo soap-filled hand brushes.

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