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  • Natural toys for toddlers
  • Made from safe, high quality materials
  • Free of lead, BPA, phthalates or other toxic ingredients
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Made from chemical-free rubberwood; non-toxic, water-based paints and non-formaldehyde glue.

This colourful xylophone is an enjoyable way to stimulate children's natural sense of harmony and rhythm. Using the mallet to pound the bars will help develop fine motor skill and stimulate eye-hand coordination. Each bar produces different pitch, by telling children to pound the bars by switching the colors, will help stimulate hearing and listening, develop recognition skill and also learn about colors at the same time.

Pounding the bars has an effect on children; it generates interest, develops concentration and also help to release tension within.

A great musical instrument for ages 19 months and up. Made in Thailand.

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Review by James Ford on 11/17

Sturdy AND Colorful. What a fun toy for a first birthday! She'll like this one for years to come.

Review by Em on 10/28

Love this toy. It's easy to use and really fun. Highly recommend this.

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