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  • Made from plant based materials
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Loofah Sponges, 2-pack by Twist SKU: FG-0124

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The Twist Loofah Sponge is a biodegradable, unbleached, undyed white cellulose and tan, scrubby loofah. And it's totally plant based and compostable, just like the food it cleans up after.

Artificial colors. Plastics. Chemical dyes. They're in your kitchen: Not in the pantry, but over by the sink. Like that neon yellow sponge with the bright green scrub side. We have a feeling that's not exactly natural. Unlike our loofah sponge, which shows its true colors.

Color: white
Contains 2 loofah sponges
Dimensions of each sponge: 4.3" x 2.8" x 0.8"
Plant based and biodegradable
Loofah Sponge is top rack dishwasher safe, rinse thoroughly before and after use
Please test first with light pressure to determine whether surfaces may scratch
Not for aquarium use
Designed in Boulder, CO and Made in Mexico

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When it comes to meals, some people love the cooking part. And lots of people love the eating part. But it seems like nobody loves the cleaning part. Twist was the same way. And that bugged them. Why doesn't anyone love cleaning? Turned out for Twist, it was a lot of things. They didn't like the tools. They didn't like the way they felt. They didn't like the way they looked sitting on the counter. They didn't like what they were made of. So Twist decided to make some little changes. Nothing big. Just little things.more »

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