Reusable Fabric Gift Bag, Midnight Jubilee

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  • Sustainable, stylish and reusable shopping bags
  • 100% cotton reusable gift bags
  • Free of PVC and lead
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Reusable Fabric Gift Bag, Midnight Jubilee by Living Ethos SKU: A-MI235C

Price: $8.50
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A green and stylish way to give! Say goodbye to single use wrapping paper with these 100% cotton reusable gift bags.  These cute bags are the perfect finishing touch to any gift.

The fabrics used are all printed using fiber reactive dyes, which are the most colorfast and also the most environmentally benign of the dyes available on the market today. None of the dyes contain heavy metals or any known toxic substances. They are all formaldehyde-free and AZO-free.

Care: Bags are machine washable.

Print: Strings of light sparkle against a royal blue night sky 

Materials: Bag is 100% cotton. Grosgrain ribbon is made of 100% recycled PET 



Small: 3x6.5x9 (gifts like wine, paperback books, cameras, coffee tumblers, candles, bath products DIY gift jars)

Medium: 3x7x10 (gifts like hardcover books, baby clothes, picture frames, small toys, scarves, kitchen utensils)

Large:3x11x16 (gifts like stuffed animals, medium sized toys, puzzles, clothing, shoes, laptop computers, bed linens, table linens, tableware.)

Made in USA from imported fabric

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About Living Ethos

Simply put, these bags are good for the environment because they can be reused and therefore reduce your waste. It is estimated that Americans generate 4 million tons of additional waste at the holidays, which is mostly made up of shopping bags and wrapping paper. We designed the bags to last for decades and through hundreds of reuses. Rather than hauling trash bags full of wadded up wrapping paper to the curb after each holiday or special event, with LivingEthos bags, all you do is fold them up and stash them away until your next gift-giving event.more »

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