Basil Grow Bottle

What Makes it Mighty?

  • recycled glass wine bottle
  • Non gmo seeds
  • USDA certified organic seeds
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Basil Grow Bottle by Potting Shed Creations SKU: GRBTL-Basil

Price: $35.95
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Hand-crafted from recycled restaurant wine bottles, this upcycled hydrogarden combines smart design and functionality with a clean aesthetic that is respectful of the earth's resources.  Using simple hydroponics, the durable glass vessels grow fresh culinary herbs indoors year-round and are reusable.  Includes: basil seed, repurposed wine bottle, soil-less mix, wool wick, plant nutrient, cork coaster, growing directions.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) King of the herbs, basil is a favorite among many cooks for its incredible flavor. The sweet tasting miniature leaves are ready for use straight off the plant. No chopping or mincing required. It will take 7–10 days for your seeds to germinate. You should be able to start using the leaves in about 6 weeks. 

Bottle 8" high x 2.75" diameter.

Made in Idaho

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