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Scootie Cootie Lice Repelling Shampoo by Happy Heads SKU: 736211897732HH

Price: $15.95
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This natural shampoo smells great to kids...but not to lice! Gentle formula leaves hair conditioned & soft. Organic ingredients infused with 100% pure essential oils. Sulfate & paraben free! Use regularly to repel lice. Happy Heads contains no pesticides and is safe for all ages. Size: 8oz.

When you hear of a lice outbreak at your child's school, use this safe, gentle shampoo as preventative measure to discourage lice from hopping aboard!

Please note: THis is a PREVENTATIVE product.  If you are trying to treat an active case of head lice, use the Bye Bye Lice Shampoo

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About Happy Heads

Melissa Gordon is the founder and owner of Happyheads Services, LLC. She personally understands the stress and anxiety of getting head lice. When her twins were in kindergarten, they brought head lice home and shared it with her. Her trials with the predicament were frustrating, confusing and exhausting. She found conflicting head lice information and advice online. She was concerned about the chemicals from over-the-counter shampoo for head lice she was using on her kids’ heads. And, just as she thought she had rid her children, herself and her home of lice, they were back.

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