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Glass Sippy Cap Bottle, 9 oz by LifeFactory SKU: GLASSSIPPY

Price: $16.95
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Great for toddlers, these BPA free glass sippy cups provide a wonderful next step hydration solution as your child grows.  The sippy caps are leak resistant and have steady flow control.  The bottle is made from borosilicate glass which is thermal shock resistant, allowing the bottles to go from temperature extremes (boiling to freezing) without breaking. Silicone sleeve helps provide grip and protection from breakage.

  • BPA free, phthalate free, lead free and PVC free
  • Available in raspberry, spring green, ocean blue or purple
  • Includes 9 oz glass bottle, polypropylene (#5) sippy cap and silicone valve
  • Sippy cap fits all 4 oz and 9 oz Lifefactory glass botles
  • Dishwasher Safe

The sippy caps fit all Lifefactory baby bottles, as well as their 9oz glass water bottle.

The bottle was made in France, the silicone sleeve and silicone valve in the US and the cap in Italy.

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Review by Anonymous on 10/29

My 2 year old was very excited about this, although it does look alot like a baby bottle. However, it shattered the first time he dropped it. Glass went everywhere. I'm very disappointed that such an expensive and supposedly superior product would break so easily.

Review by Amber Byrd on 4/23

My two year old and I love this cup! But there are two minor reasons that I only gave it four stars.
First is that the lid is small enough that my son can wrap his hand around it and take it off, but since I use it only for water anyway, it isn't really a big deal, and I just need to keep working on teaching him to leave it on. ; )
Secondly, because the valve is designed to vent around the rim of the lid instead of through a hole in the top, sometimes other people (grandma, the ladies in the nursery) will replace the lid too tightly and he can't get anything out of it. It isn't a big deal though, as long as I remember to let them know not to screw the lid on too tightly.
I would absolutely recommend this cup to others looking for a hard spouted, glass sippy for their child.

Review by Court on 3/3

I bought this for my 2.5 year old son because I bought the 22 oz version for myself and I thought he'd enjoy having one of his own. He does really love it and it's become one of his favorite cups. It's the perfect size for him and I love that it has the grippy cover on the outside to make it easier for him to carry as well as give it a little cushion if it is knocked over. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because sometimes he has trouble getting the water out of it... I don't know if that's because the lid is on too tight or it's filled too full or what. I have to loosen the lid and refasten it after his first few drinks so he can continue to drink out of it, which really doesn't bother me at all but I thought it was worth noting. After that he doesn't have any problems.

Review by Barbara j on 5/5

Where did you find the 22 oz version?

Review by April T. on 1/9

I got this sippy cup because I liked the idea of not using plastic. My biggest concern was that the glass might break even though it had a silicon sleeve. I guess that should have been the least of my concerns. The first time my son dropped the bottle the sippy cap came flying off and juice went everywhere. I thought this could have been my fault, maybe I didn't tighten it enough or correctly. But the next when my son dropped the bottle the plastic sippy cap cracked and broke. So I decided I wouldn't repurchase another sippy cap instead I ordered a plain cap and I will use it for my own on the go water bottle.

Review by Ilana on 12/13

I was a bit disappointed when I got the sippy cup, since it looks so much like a baby bottle... Seems like I am taking a step backwards with my 2 year old only to avoid plastic sippy's!

Review by Colleen Garland on 11/23

I bought these as gifts but I know two young girls who have them and love them. I have the adult version and use it daily. No metal taste and the clean very easily

Review by Kapi Monoyios on 8/22

This is the only glass or stainless sippy cup I've found that doesn't leak. It's easy to clean with only three parts (bottle, cap and silicone inner cap) and my toddler likes that it looks like my glass water bottle. I also like that it can double as a bottle for the next kid. Great way to cut down on stuff!

Review by Corine on 8/4

Love it. Trying to get rid of plastic, but my daughter is still a baby/toddler so I am concerned with glass breaking. I don't like the smell of stainless after using it with milk, so I did need to fina a glass option. This is a great solution!

Review by Spring Hartke on 6/19

The size is perfect for my kids. Mine didn't come with the sippy lid though. Just a cap. It is okay because my 7 year old decided that he would appropriate it from his 1 year old brother, but it seems strange that it was missing....

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