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Sippy Cap Set (2 pack) by LifeFactory SKU: LFSippyCap

Price: $8.95
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Great for toddlers, the Lifefactory sippy caps are leak resistant and have steady flow control.

The Lifefactory caps quickly convert 4 oz and 9 oz Lifefactory glass baby bottles into sippy cup style bottles as your child grows.

Cap made from polypropylene #5 plastic and includes interior silicone valve to ensure flow control and spill resistance.

Set Includes 2 caps - (1 Raspberry and 1 Royal Purple) or (1 Ocean Blue and 1 Spring Green)

Cap made in Italy, silicone valve made in the US

BPA and PVC free.

Bottle not included.

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Review by Anonymous on 8/15

We went from life factory bottles to life factory sippy cups with our toddler. Unfortunately, I think he's eaten as much plastic with these cups as he would with any old glass sippy cup. He chews on the the sippy cup tops and the plastic just comes right off. I wish life factory made silicone tops instead.

Review by yogabug on 1/12

I love lifefactory bottles... both my husband and i use them as well, but to be honest, these caps aren't the best. We've gone through several boxes of them as they tend to crack if dropped a certain way-- which is bound to happen- hello! it is a sippy top for toddlers! So, huge fan of the bottles, but not the caps. I will give some kudos to lifefactory though. When I called to complain about this they sent me a free set. Still, they should make a better product-- $9 is A LOT for just caps, especially ones that are bound to crack!

Review by Nathalee on 9/21

Love the LifeFactory bottle as a sippy!

Review by Sarah on 8/9

I think anyone who owns or is considering purchasing any of Lifefactory's baby bottles should get everything that goes with them. By purchasing everything: the bottles, every stage of nipple, the caps and the sippy caps. That way you can use the bottles from birth through early childhood. The sippy caps are well worth the money, they work well and are the same quality as the bottles. I think that in the long run this saves you money especially if the bottles are only used occasionally early on you don't ever feel like you bought something only to use it a few times, you can feel like you bought say 2 bottles and used them for years. We love the glass bottles and think its great to have them as sippy cups, the plastic or metal cups have a taste, glass is better. But the sippy caps are sort of hard to find, this site carries them as a good price. I say buy them hands down.

Review by J.H. on 7/25

I too LOVE LifeFactory products. I have the 20oz bottle for myself and take it to work, to play....everywhere. We got these thinking it was a much better option for my (just turned) 3 year old to replace the plastic ones. She is getting older and doesn't use "sippy" cups as often anymore, mostly just in the car, when we are out and about, so they "work". The issues are correct on previous reviews. Too tight does indeed cause little or no flow, too loose ends up in leakage, and to add, the plastic diaphragm on the inside spout is too small and tight for any older toddler to suck quickly through. Perhaps my kiddo is getting too old for "sippys". We have taken the plastic insert piece out and that works more effectively but now leaking, if tipped or knocked over is an issue. This completely defeats the purpose of the "sippy lid". However, it does stop a complete dumping of the liquids, so its a toss up. I would have gladly given 5 stars if not for these issues.

As a side note, Mighty Nest completed and shipped my order correctly and quickly. Good company.

Review by Kara McAllister on 6/19

I was so excited when I came across these. It's a great way to utilize the bottles we already had (instead of heating up milk in them and then transferring it to plastic). My only gripe is that the cap and valve are a little temperamental: screw it on too tight and there's no flow, too loose and you may have a leak. You need to find just the right spot. Otherwise I would have given them 5 stars.

Review by Nicole Justice on 5/22

We love lifefactory. We used these caps to convert our bottles into sippy cups. So far we have had no leaking issues and the come with a safe plastic valve on the inside of each cap. I highly recommend them.

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