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  • The best BPA-free sippy cups
  • Made from safe materials: glass, silicone and stainless steel
  • Tested to be free from toxic ingredients
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Sippy Straw Cleaner by Sippy Straw Cleaner SKU: sipstrawclean

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The Sippy Straw Cleaner is a one-of-a-kind straw brush cleaner that is BPA FREE and universally fits all major sippy cup brands.  Your Sippy Straw cleaner comes with two brushes - one with a blue handle and the other one is handle free.  Stainless steel, rust-free rod with soft, nylon bristles.

The Sippy Straw Cleaner:

SAVES PARENTS MONEY: by not having to toss out those expensive sippy cups on a regular basis just because you can't get the straw clean

BETTER FOR ENVIRONMENT: by decreasing the amount of plastic cups being disposed of in the trash on a daily basis

KEEPS KIDS HEALTHIER: by decreasing lingering bacteria in those tiny straws therefore making it safer for your kids to reuse them

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Review by Anonymous on 10/30

These straw cleaners are great. Milk stains are removed from sippy cup straws and in little spaces that a regular brush can't clean.

Review by Anonymous on 9/26

I bought this to clean the reusable plastic straws that come with those popular insulated tumblers. It does a great job cleaning the straws and makes me feel confident that we're not spreading any unwanted germs.

Review by April Machan on 2/19

So much easier to clean the straws now. And it got some clean that I thought were heading for the bin :)

Review by Melissa.mong on 11/23

Makes cleaning straws much easier..
I also agree with the previous reviewer it's nice to know nothing is taking up residence inside the sippy straws.

Review by Heidi S. on 10/1

I bought these for use with the straight stainless steel straws, and I disagree with the previous reviewer who said they are not long enough - they reach a little more than halfway, so I just turn the straw over and clean the other half. I find that they are a very practical solution to cleaning the reusable straws.

Review by Sara on 3/9

I bought these straw cleaners to clean the stainless steel straws as they were recommended for this purpose however, they do not reach far enough to clean the entire straw.

Review by Emily on 2/3

I appreciate the peace of mind knowing that nothing is taking up residence inside our sippy cup straws.

Review by rajean larue on 7/26

made my life easier and his straws cleaner

About Sippy Straw Cleaner

After countless hours of slaving to get the "gunk" out of her kids sippy straws and ridiculous amount of money she threw away purchasing replacement sippy cups, the founder was determined to come up with a solution. After doing research, and not being able to find anything to fit the small diameter of the straws, she hit the drawing board and went straight to work. If she could save some mom or dad the headache of cleaning, or expense of was ALL worth it.

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