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  • A wonderful selection of natural wood building blocks
  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Non-toxic water based paints free from lead and formaldehyde

Memory Stacking Guys by The Original Tree Swing SKU: Me-stack

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This amazing stacking toy is so versatile it will keep children busy for hours; if they can get the adults to stop playing long enough to get a turn. 18 little men with numbers carved on their chests, stack together in more ways than you can imagine. Great for fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. Turn your Memory Stackers all number side down and you can play a game of memory, stand them all up and then knock them down like dominos, lay them out flat and create beautiful patterns. Ages 3+

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About The Original Tree Swing

The Original Tree Swing is a family owned and operated business born from a desire to to inspire creative play for children and the young of heart.

We are a family of teachers, artists, and students who hope to help enliven the development of children's imaginations, to encourage them to dream big, to trust in themselves, and to learn to listen to their innate wisdom. We hope to join with parents to foster healthy optimism; to serve in some small way as facilitators of the possible. To remind children that the power to achieve greatness is and always will be within themselves.

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