Reusable Shopping Bag, Sun Kissed

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  • Sustainable, stylish and reusable shopping bags
  • 100% cotton reusable gift bags
  • Free of PVC and lead
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Reusable Shopping Bag, Sun Kissed by Envirosax SKU: SK.B1

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Omnisax (formerly Envirosax®) designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! Chic, inexpensive and compact, these reusable bags carry the message of re-use to a world ready for a brighter ecological future. Made from lightweight and durable polyester, these are the strongest, most fashionable, and most compact reusable bag available.  The bags have undergone food migration tests by The Australian Government National Measurement Institute. Bag rolls up to create a small pouch and is secured with a snap.

 The new Sunkissed line will ignite your passions and kindle your inspiration. Elicit your inner radiance with these hot new designs.

  • Tested for strength & safety 
  • Free of lead and heavy metals
  • CPSIA compliant
  •  Super strong, holds 44lbs
  • Bag Dimensions (unrolled):19.5" x 16.5"
  • Bag Dimensions (in pouch):4" x 1.5"
  • Pattern: Sunkissed #1
  • Made responsibly in China*

* = Envirosax/Omnisax bags are made through a company-owned manufacturer in China. The quality and service is excellent.   A staff member is on-site as our full-time production manager in China.  Adheres to all Eurpoean guidelines for fair wages, no child labor, clean safe working conditions, and use of toxic chemicals.

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About Envirosax

Founded by Belinda and Mark David-Tooze in 2004, Envirosax® originates from Currumbin Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. The Envirosax team uses renewable and recyclable products where possible, and is committed to operating on ecologically sustainable principles.

The philosophy of Envirosax® is to help create a better future for the planet by spreading the environmental message through colour and script using the Envirosax® eco-friendly reusable bag as the vehicle.

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