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  • BPA-free reusable water bottles
  • Made from glass and stainless steel
  • High quality and functional
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Insulated Steel Straw Bottle, 17oz by Eco Vessel SKU: STR500

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The BPA Free Eco Vessel Insulated Straw Bottle is the perfect bottle for those of you constantly on the go - it will keep your beverages cold for hours. The new straw top makes drinking easier so you can drink from the bottle without unscrewing the cap or tipping the bottle back. And, because of its specially designed handle, the straw won't open accidentally in your car, lunchbox, or bag.

The detachable silicone straw makes cleaning the bottle easier, too. As always, our Eco Vessel Insulated Straw bottle is made from the highest quality, premium grade #304 Stainless Steel, are 100% recyclable, and of course, BPA Free. Rest assured knowing that your bottle was crafted safety, ease of use, and convenience in mind.

  • Insulated to maintain cold for hours 
  • Straw Bottle is BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free
  • Made from #304, 18/8 Food Grade stainless steel 
  • non-toxic, lead-free paints
  • plastic cap made from BPA-free polypropylene
  • Straw top for easy sipping 
  • Removable straw top for easy cleaning 
  • One-piece top includes a strong carrying loop 
  • Slim design is easy to hold while you run or workout 
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry; white vinegar and baking soda work well for a more thorough cleaning  
  • NOT dishwasher, freezer or microwave safe
  • Bottle Dimensions: 3 inches wide at base, 9.5 inches tall 
  • Made responsibly in China

Warning: Due to the removable spout on the straw top, this bottle is not recommended for children under 8 years old.

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Review by Anonymous on 11/21

I use the Eco Vessel filtered water bottles every day. I own both the 17oz and 25oz sizes and I love both equally. The 17oz is perfect for traveling when space is an issue. Although the size is smaller, you never have to worry about running out of water, because you can fill it up pretty much anywhere (streams, drinking fountains, even bathroom sinks) and you always have the best tasting water possible. The larger size bottle is great for every day use and when the frequency of filling the bottle is more of a concern. I am picky about water tasting "funny" and I have not had any problems drinking any water from any source while using the eco vessel filtration bottles. I have taken my bottles overseas and on a camping trip between Ohio and Alaska, and I never bought bottled water once.

I also love how much plastic I have saved from landfills by switching from bottled water to an Eco Vessel filtration bottle! I have also saved $100s of dollars a year by not purchasing water, ever, and only needing to occasionally replace my filters, which work for 100 gallons of water! I even purchase these bottles as gifts for my friends because I love them so much, I know they will too!

I have been using my bottles for over a year and they are both still in great condition! I have only had to replace the filters as needed.

Honestly, at this point, I don't know what I would do without these water bottles.

Review by Anonymous on 11/20

This water bottle is great! I have had it for about a year and a half and it is still like new. Whenever I go camping I take it with me, and it keeps the water cold for a long time.

Review by purpleZOE on 11/20

What a great find! I was on the hunt for a stainless steel water bottle with flip straw. After researching for quite some time, I came across EcoVessel. Love the fact that it's a stainless steel bottle with a silicon drinking spout. There is a plastic straw attached to the spout, but that was easily removed. I now have to tilt the bottle to drink through the spout, but that doesn't bother me at all. Love this bottle!!

Review by Anonymous on 11/20

I bought one of these bottles several months ago and I could not be more pleased. The insulation on this bottle will keep ice cold for days! I particularly like the flip up straw for convenience. I now use the bottle for all my cold drinks while at home as well. Highly recommended!!

Review by Anonymous on 11/19

It's great at keeping drinks cold. The stainless steel finish is beautiful and doesn't ding easily. I like this way better than my Sigg bottles. The design fits easily in your hand. The only drawback is it doesn't fit in a car cupholder.

Review by eric harrison on 5/14

After a long mountain bike ride, there is nothing better than having cold Cytomax or some type of calorie replenisher waiting for me in my hot car. I used to load an ice chest to keep drinks and what not in my car for after my rides, but after I had tipped it over and spilt all kinds of water in my BMW, I was over it. A friend hipped me to the Eco Vessel insulated stainless water bottles. I found this one on line here actually and couldn't be happier. I fill it with ice/water and Cytomax for after my rides. I was a bit unsure at first, but when I got back to my car the other day, it was boiling inside and I was a sweaty mess. Dying for something cold, boom, I drink from my new Eco Vessel insulated bottle and was so psyched to find my ice was still in there and my beverage was cold as could be. I have never used a straw top before this one and can honestly say that I like it better than the wide mouth tops. Having to get back to work from my lunchtime ride, I was able to still drink my Cytomax without spilling it on myself and made it back to work somewhat refreshed because I had COLD liquid to drink instead of hot.

Thanks Eco Vessel, you rock!

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Eco Vessel is based in Boulder, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. They are dedicated to developing products from safe, sturdy, sustainable materials while offering innovation and practicality. The complete product line provides options for both children and adults with all of these in mind. You can feel secure knowing that they're 100% recyclable, BPA Free products are made of high quality, non-leaching materials and are designed for your safety, ease of use and convenience.

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