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Non-Toxic Dishwashing

Non-Toxic Dishwashing

Non-Toxic Dishwashing

Clean dishes take on a new meaning.

Clean up your dishwashing routine with plant based soaps that easily cut through grease without harsh detergents or toxic chemicals. Scrubbers & sponges made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials make dishwashing an enjoyable chore.

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Dishwashing Basics Starter Pack

$23.46 $21.11

MightyNest’s Dishwashing Basics Starter Pack is a month’s worth of green cleaning supplies to wash your dishes, by hand and in the dishwasher, without harsh, synthetic materials.  The pack includes:

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Natural Dishwashing Favorites

Walnut Scrubber Sponge (2-pack)
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Plant-based, sustainable sponges made from walnuts clean dishes, countertops, appliances and more.
Walnut Scour Pads (3-pack)
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Walnut shells double as durable, natural, non-toxic abrasives to scrub hard surfaces without scratching. 
Swedish Dish Drying Mat
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Cedarwood Soap Dish
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MightyNest Cleaning Bundle
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At MightyNest, we like to keep it simple. Our Collections help you discover healthy green changes that make a difference. Each Collection introduces a goal-driven family of products plus ideas for using them.


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