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A Better Sponge

Sponges can't compete with Swedish

Keep it clean(er) with our popular Swedish dishcloths


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Swedish Dishcloth Set of 3, Earth Month


Keep synthetic sponges out of the landfills and oceans with these marvelously absorbent, fully compostable dishcloths from Sweden are wonders in the kitchen. They soften when wet, absorb 15 times their weight, and leave your kitchen surfaces virtually streak-free. 

This set includes 3 x Earth Month Cloths, Humpback Whales, Orcas, & Harbor Seals (6" x 8" each).

  •  Made from compostable cellulose & cotton
  •  Beautiful designs printed with water-based inks
  •  Machine washable, lay flat to dry

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Swedish Engineer, Curt Lindquist, invented a new material in 1949 from natural cellulose and cotton that was used to design Swedish Dishcloths following the Nordic tradition of combining Form + Function.

Swedish Dishcloths vs Synthetic Sponges the choice is clear

Why is a Swedish better than a sponge?

Wow, so many reasons, but we’ll try to keep it short. You already know sponges are sold in plastic packaging. Did you know sponges contain non-biodegradable plastic? Upon opening, notice the sponges are slightly wet, That means the bacteria-growing process has already begun. Add to that the synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances and Triclosan, and our Swedish dishcloths are a much greener, healthier choice than anything spongy.