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A Better Sponge

Sponges can't compete with Swedish

Keep it clean(er) with our popular Swedish dishcloths


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Swedish Dishcloth Set of 3, Summer Garden


These marvelously absorbent dishcloths from Sweden are wonders in the kitchen. They soften when wet, dry like a dream, absorb 15 times their weight, and leave your kitchen surfaces virtually streak-free. The natural fabric, invented in Sweden in 194...
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Swedish Engineer, Curt Lindquist, invented a new material in 1949 from natural cellulose and cotton that was used to design Swedish Dishcloths following the Nordic tradition of combining Form + Function.

Swedish Dishcloths vs Synthetic Sponges the choice is clear

Why is a Swedish better than a sponge?

Wow, so many reasons, but we’ll try to keep it short. You already know sponges are sold in plastic packaging. Did you know sponges contain non-biodegradable plastic? Upon opening, notice the sponges are slightly wet, That means the bacteria-growing process has already begun. Add to that the synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances and Triclosan, and our Swedish dishcloths are a much greener, healthier choice than anything spongy.