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Grab & Go Shopping Bags

Grab & Go Shopping Bags

Grab & Go Shopping Bags

your everyday good deed for the planet

your everyday good deed for the planet

This stylish grab-and-go collection includes durable reusable bags that fold up into palm-sized bundles, so you’ll never leave home without them in your purse, pocket or backpack...perfect!

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24-7 Reusable Shopping Bag


Finally, a shopping bag that’s hard to forget! This innovative bag carries up to 35 lbs. Lightweight and compact, it folds into a stretchy pouch that’s easy to stow. The felted shoulder strap provides added comfort. Choose from five jewel-toned colors to suit every outing.

From pocket to purse to produce aisle

Organic Cotton String Tote

Function meets fashion. This classic European market companion holds up to 40 lbs in expandable organic cotton.

Reusable Tote Bag
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Classic tote shape folds into a sleek pouch. Strong + attractive, carries up to 35 lbs of gear, groceries, or supplies for a summer evening out.
BIG Reusable Shopping Bag, Sailor Stripe

Holds up to 50 lbs! Great for beach trips, big grocery runs and trips to the cleaners. Simple, strong and striped, it folds into its own pouch.

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Every time you remember to bring your own shopping bags, you help fight the global plastic pollution crisis one bag at a time.  One person can replace up to 1500 disposable bags per year by making the switch to reusables.  Stylish and strong, Reusable Shopping Bags are the unforgettable way to do a good deed everyday!  

At MightyNest, we like to keep it simple. Our Collections help you discover healthy green changes that make a difference. Each Collection introduces a goal-driven family of products plus ideas for using them.


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