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Waste-Free Grocery Shopping

Go Waste-Free to the Grocery Store and Farmers Markets

Pass on the plastic produce and grocery bags. Make the switch to reusables.


Reusable Grocery Set


Our Reusable Grocery Set makes it easy to pass on plastic bags the next time you're at the store. This exclusive set includes five handy mesh produce bags and two nylon shopping bags (one Navy and one Teal) from Flip & Tumble.
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Build your own from our Waste-Free Grocery Shopping Collection

Our team researches and tests every product, so you can confidently choose
what’s right for your family.

Reusable Produce Bags by Flip & Tumble
Skip plastic produce bags with these stronger, multitasking mesh bags. 
Set of 3 Reusable Cotton Produce & Bulk Bags by EcoBags
Ultra-lightweight, durable, washable with handy drawstrings. 
Organic Cotton Vejibag by Vejibag
This all-natural, dye-free, handmade bag keeps vegetables crisp & fresh up to two weeks.
Organic Cloth Bulk & Produce Bag by EcoBags
Fill up your favorite bulk items and heavier produce with this drawstring bag.
24-7 Reusable Shopping Bag by Flip & Tumble
Sturdy nylon makes this bag perfect for groceries, travel, even laundry. 
The Ring Fruit and Vegetable Brush by Full Circle
Strong, natural bristles remove dirt from fruits and veggies, and  are soft enough to not bruise them.