Glass Water Bottle

Goodbye plastic drink bottles
Stay hydrated and healthy by sipping from a safe glass bottle. Let’s raise a glass to keeping disposables out of landfills!


what it is

The Lifefactory 12 oz water bottle is made from pure materials for pure hydration. The non-toxic soda-lime glass keeps flavors clean and won’t leach chemicals into your drinks (unlike most plastics). The bottle comes with a convenient carry-loop cap and a medical-grade silicone sleeve that resists slips and protects from bumps. Its wide-mouth opening works well for ice cubes, smoothies, citrus wedges and comfortable drinking. These water bottles are durable, 100% recyclable and endlessly reusable.

why it matters

Every minute, more than 1 million plastic bottles are sold worldwide, but most turn into toxic trash. Only ⅕ of all plastic is recycled globally; in the US it’s less than 10%. It takes 17 million barrels of oil to create the 40 billion plastic water bottles bought in the US annually. Most of those end up as roadside litter, floating debris, incinerator fuel or landfill waste. Over 35 billion plastic bottles are landfilled every year in the US alone.


Don't Pollute
Your Food

What Makes It Mighty

Every time you refill your Glass Water Bottle you keep single-use disposable plastic bottles 
out of landfills and oceans and help protect our planet from plastic pollution.

pure & clean
Water tastes great in non-toxic glass
Just refill and go!
Easy to grip, resists breaks 
Wide mouth opening with a simple screw cap

insider tip

Screw the cap on tightly! It’s leak proof if you cap it correctly. 
Before tossing into your bag, double check to make sure the threading is lined up. 

Healthy Hydration Ideas


  • Chop fresh citrus, strawberries, watermelon or cucumber then add into your water for a refreshing flavor


  • Enrich your water with vital minerals and nutrients by adding a pinch of Himalayan pink salt or a sachet of nettle leaves. 


  • Improve digestion by sprinkling deliciously sweet and fragrant mint sprigs into water, iced tea or iced coffee.

use and care

Dishwasher safe (top rack), or hand wash with soap and water.

 Silicone sleeve can stay on (or can be removed for deep cleaning if needed).

Take care! Avoid impact with hard surfaces, glass is breakable.

Be sure to screw on cap securely to prevent leaks.

Meet The Maker

Founders Pam Marcus & Daren Joy:
Form and function join forces

Lifefactory was born in 2007 when a pediatric feeding specialist working with premature babies realized that plastic bottles leach chemicals and create waste. She joined forces with an integrative designer to create better drinking solutions for babies. Together they created a healthy line of design-forward glass baby bottles. Today Lifefactory offers a full range of glass drinking bottles for children and adults that are safe and reusable by design.



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