All-Natural Egg Coloring Kit

All-Natural Egg Coloring Kit
6 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • pigments extracted from organic fruits & vegetables
  • use white eggs for dreamy pastel hues or brown eggs for rich jewel tones
  • plant a fast-growing mini garden in the egg crate with coconut husk & pucks & wheatgrass seeds

Product Details

Decorate Easter eggs the natural way with Eco-Kids’ egg dying and grass growing kit. These vibrant dyes are made using organic fruit and vegetable extracts instead of petrochemical food dyes. The easy-to-use powdered colors are a safe, natural alternative to conventional egg dyes and a simpler, less time-consuming option than homemade vegetable dyes. The kit also comes with supplies to grow your own Easter grass! 

  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • Hint: use white eggs for pastel colors and brown eggs for jewel tones

Kit includes:

  • 1 packet blue dye (red cabbage juice powder and powdered vinegar)
  • 1 packet purple dye (red radish powder, black carrot powder, and powdered vinegar)
  • 1 packet orange dye (annatto powder, curcumin powder, and powdered vinegar)
  • 1 packet organic, non-gmo wheat grass (sprouting) seeds
  • 3 coconut husk discs (just add water to make soil)
  • A double-sided insert that includes color chart/egg dye instructions on one side and grass growing instructions on the reverse.

Made in USA

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What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

6 reviews
Great Easter project
Review by Lavonne RIcker on 4/16
Great Easter project

I loved that this dye is toxin-free and I didn’t have to worry about the horrible smell that is accompanied with typical egg dyes. The colors were very vibrant and we loved to use the eco crayon to make “hidden” messages on the eggs. This entire project was great. We just got our first sprouts of grass today and let me tell you, this stuff grows super FAST.

Review by Valerie Strathman on 5/26

These were wonderful dyes! We colored Easter Eggs and my kids loved the colors!

This is adorable
Review by Michelle W on 3/5
This is adorable

It's fun using the included color wheel to make different colors. Growing grass in the packaging is a fun project. The whole thing is adorable.

Good buy
Review by Sarah on 6/1
Good buy

After using those cheap store colors for years, this is definitely an improvement. It was easy to use, made pretty colors and came with grass seeds for a nice side project the kids enjoyed. Happy with this purchase!

I must say when I saw the
Review by M on 4/2
I must say when I saw the

I must say when I saw the colors in powder form, I was worried that the colors would be dull. I was very pleasantly surprised that the color spectrum we created was very broad. Would definitely buy again.

Eco -Kids All Natural Egg Coloring Kit
Review by Monica on 4/10
Eco -Kids All Natural Egg Coloring Kit

While we loved the colors of this kit, we were disappointed with the five plastic bags (three for the dyes, one for soil discs and one for seeds). Surely, compostable clear bags or other options are out there. We will not be purchasing again.

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About Eco-Kids
After hearing about all the recalls lately in the toy industry, Eco-Kids felt it was time to take action and change the way they live. Making eco-dough has always been a favorite pasttime in their house. Realizing a need and want for this product, they set out to bring it into all families homes. Now we can all rest assured that our kids are safe from artificial dyes, metals and chemicals.

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