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nail polish remover

Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover
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What makes it Mighty?

  • no harsh chemicals or acetone
  • aloe vera & vitamin e nourish nails
  • lively coconut scent

Product Details

Say goodbye to stinky nail polish remover...this one smells like coconut!

Keeki Pure and Simple Nail Polish Remover is completely safe to use and contains none of the harsh solvents, such as acetone, that could harm you or our atmosphere. Made with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, this conditioning formula protects your nails and cuticles.

Ingredients: Corn alcohol, butyl diglycol, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, embittering agent

The polish can be removed easily within 1-4 days with Keeki Nail Polish Remover. However, afterwards, the polish becomes increasingly more difficult to remove particularly for dry, porous nails. At about 5-6 days a conventional nail polish remover may be necessary. Keeki Non-toxic Nail Polish Remover is specially formulated for keeki polish. If you still have difficulty removing the polish, try soaking a cotton ball and resting it on the nail for 1 minute. This will help to saturate the remaining polish and the polish should come right off!

Made in the USA


What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

one review
Elbow Grease Not Included
Review by Sara on 6/12
Elbow Grease Not Included

It works but you really have to put some pressure and patience into removing nail polish. It took several passes to remove mine which was partially worn off and a brand that is much less toxic than regular nail polish.

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About Keeki
Keeki believes when it comes to being healthy, what you eat shouldn't be your only worry! Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs up 60% of what we put on it. A few years ago, they discovered there are so many harmful ingredients in many of the products we put on our skin every day...and even worse, they are getting absorbed into our bodies! Keeki provides only the healthiest and safest cosmetics and body products for girls around the world. They have chosen to offer products that are earth-friendly and animal-friendly. Keeki Pure & Simple promises to never sacrifice on quality or safety of ingredients to make a profit.

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