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Playsilks require parents and kids to use their imaginations to "create", and when children change their mind, it is easy to refashion the silks into a costume. Playsilks are added to the toy basket to be used over and over again. The play silks are both sustainable and creative!

The playsilks can be used for kids playing dress-up, building forts, wrapping up dollies and more. Families also use them as a staple of their seasonal tables in their homes. Most popular waldorf toys, used in preschools, kindergartens and homes all over the world. Children love to wash these themselves in a sink or bucket outside. The silk feels different and interesting when wet!

Sarah's playsillks develope inner creativity at a young age that leads to higher levels of creative thinking in adulthood.

  • 100% natural silk
  • Ages 3+
  • Colors to choose from: pink, yellow, sky blue, red, orange, emerald, turquoise, royal blue and purple
  • Playsilks are 35" squares
  • Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic dyes
  • Playsilks are tested for safety using rigorous USA and EU standards 
  • Hand wash, hang dry
  • Sold individually

Sarah’s Silks are woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed in a small village near Suzhou, China. The playsilks are then finished sewing, ironing and packaged in the USA.  Sarah's Silks ensures good conditions and wages for silk workers.  Profits help support the Chengdu Walsork school in China.

Made by Sarah's Silks

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one review
I gave this playsilk to a 2
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I gave this playsilk to a 2

I gave this playsilk to a 2 year old as a gift, along with a wooden star wand. She loved wearing, carrying and waving her silk as we walked along a city sidewalk.

Sarah's Silks
Sarah’s Silks creates simple, open-ended toys that support growing minds. Developing inner creativity at a young age leads to higher levels of creative thinking in adulthood. When children’s inner creative life is nurtured, they grow into more well-rounded, stronger, and creative contributing members of our society, eager to bring their gifts to the world. Sarah and Mike Lee manage Sarah’s Silks from their Sonoma County home, where they continue to raise three boys in the Waldorf tradition.

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