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Solid Wood Four in a Row Game

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Product Details

A classic strategy game. This Extra Large Four in a Row is a great two player game where both players try to make four in a row with their rings (one color for each of them). The first one to get four identical color rings in a row wins. The game now comes in a box that also acts as a stand for the game. All one has to do is slide the game into the center and it stands up beautifully.

Ages 7+

This game was handmade out of rich quality monkey pod wood. Craftsmen work together at large tables, allowing them to pool their artistic resources while also enabling each individual to add his or her own personal touch to the products. Because of this, no two are exactly alike although the highest level of quality assurance is guaranteed for each and every on of our puzzles and games.

Made in Thailand. Designed and assembled in the USA.

Made by Monkey Pod Games

SKU: MPG5029
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What Makes it Mighty?

  • made from solid wood
  • free from lead paint
  • fun for the whole family

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Monkey Pod Games
Monkey Pod Games is named after the Monkey Pod tree, which is the wood from which the puzzles are made. The Monkey Pod tree is found in northern Thailand and around the Pacific. It is ideal for wooden puzzles because it can be cut to very precise dimensions. Monkey Pod Games offers a wide variety of quality wooden brain teasers. They have developed, designed and manufactured hundreds of brain-teaser models and educational puzzles which they sell worldwide. Their games are educational and fun. They offer a complete range of quality wooden puzzles and complex brain-teasers which offer children the opportunity to apply their talents and develop mathematical awareness as well as logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills.

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