Plastic-Free Hair Ties

Organic & Biodegradable Hair Ties
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What makes it Mighty?

  • Plastic-free and completely biodegradable
  • Thicker and sturdier than standard hair ties
  • Great for medium to thick hair

Product Details

Terra Ties are environmentally friendly, ethically sourced all natural ponytail holders. Unlike most standard hair ties that are made of synthetic materials and either don't decompose or take thousands of years to do so, Terra Ties are plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. Made of renewable natural rubber and organic cotton, Terra Ties are thicker, more durable, and softer than standard hair ties. Terra Ties are made for people of all genders and all ages - anyone who wants to style their hair without harming the environment. They provide ouchless, no-pull support for thick, thin and curly hair, for pony tails, buns, braids and more.

  • Plastic-free and completely biodegradable
  • Natural Materials
  • Comfortable
  • Thicker, softer, and sturdier than standard hair ties
  • For people of all genders and ages

Size: Each pack of Terra Ties includes black 27 hair ties

Materials: Natural tree rubber and organic cotton colored with natural dyes. Ends are secured with a bio-based hot-melt adhesive (that does not include solvents, synthetic polymers, microplastics, or petroleum) which is biodegradable and can be broken down by microorganisms, such as bacteria (a process similar to how compostable bags break down). Packaging is 100% recycled materials.

Made in China

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Overall Score

one review
Sturdy and Strong
Review by Tiahna on 4/3
Sturdy and Strong

These hold my 3b curls nicely. If I need a bun for work or a ponytail for a run, these will hold. I love that they are biodegradable. I understand that is the upcharge now. I'm hoping that we can move closer to costs like $5 or $6 in the future so more people will be tempted. But alas, the "uber conscious" folks like me, who feel guilty for the 3/4 bands lost into the wilderness a week, will pay the upcharge in the meantime.

MightyNest Trusted
About Terra Ties
Terra Ties are made of two renewable, 100% biodegradable resources: natural rubber and organic cotton (dyed with natural dyes). Our packaging is also plastic-free and made with 100% recycled materials. Not only are Terra Ties more environmentally friendly than standard hair ties, but they’re also thicker, more durable, and softer. With Terra Ties, people of all genders and ages can style their hair without harming the environment. Love yourself. Love the Earth.

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