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Refillable Dental Floss

Refillable Dental Floss
10 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • refillable glass container keeps disposable plastics out of landfills
  • 100% Mulberry Silk coated in candelilla wax
  • biodegradable and industrially compostable

Product Details

Dental Lace’s fashionable, refillable dental floss glass containers feature 100% mulberry silk floss coated in candelilla wax. Each set includes one Dental Lace container loaded with a 33-yard spool of biodegradable silk floss and one refill spool (66 yards of floss total). The refill package contains two 33-yard spools of floss. 

The original blue container is inspired by the Maine's Down East blueberry barrens and the gray by Maine's rock bound coast. Two new containers are inspired by Maine's pine trees and Casco Bay. 

"If everyone in the U.S. flossed their teeth according to ADA recommendations every year, our empty containers would fill a landfill the size of a football field that's six stories high! That's why I decided to create my own fashionable, refillable floss containers" — Jodi Breau, founder of Dental Lace, Inc. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

  • Glass container is 0.5” wide by 2” high and has a stainless steel lid with floss cutter
  • Floss ingredients: 100% mulberry silk fiber, plant-based Candelilla wax, natural peppermint essential oil flavoring  

Container and floss are produced in China 
Packaged and assembled in Maine 


What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

10 reviews
Pretty Straight Forward ??
Review by Wolf on 8/8
Pretty Straight Forward ??

It's silk floss! I found no trouble with this product. It didn't snap, which I typically have issue with. It's a bit thick, but I find that works better for my teeth. It's a smooth type of floss. I chose this to use less plastic & quite happy with it!

Review by Leigh on 5/29

I love this floss. It works great. Despite what others say, I think the quality of the floss is excellent. Much better than drugstore stuff I've used in the past. I'll keep using. And the glass container is hella cute.

Review by Alejandra on 11/12

I found this on a different website and was so happy when they began to offer it here. It is a bit thick, but I prefer that to really thin dental floss that has in the past hurt my gums.

Never going back
Review by Cindy Wong on 10/2
Never going back

The floss is great! And I love that I don't have to throw away the container! Only down side is if you do go a bit hard on the floss it will snap, but just be gentler and its fine.

Review by Angela on 5/8

I love this dental floss. It has a refreshing mint flavor. It comes in a nice glass container that fits into a small pocket in my purse for floss on the go.

Review by Kathleen on 2/20

My husband wanted to like this so much. It is a GREAT concept. But it shreds while using it, so it doesn't work for us.

Totally bummed!

Love the concept but the execution could be better
Review by Julie Sherman on 7/28
Love the concept but the execution could be better

I love the idea of a glass dental floss container that I don't have to throw out. I just wish the dental lace was stronger. This lace has broken most times I have used it. It just is not strong enough. So the container is great but the dental lace is mediocre.

If the floss breaks . . .
Review by Lisa on 4/26
If the floss breaks . . .

If this floss breaks easily when you use it, try the vegan version. It is a little thicker, but in the month I've been using it, no breaks!

Really Wanted to Love It, But Don't
Review by Cindy Sue on 11/14
Really Wanted to Love It, But Don't

It's a wonderful idea having a refillable floss holder. The container is cute and works well. The floss/lace is a whole other story. Unfortunately, it breaks easily or even worse, shreds. It is a most uncomfortable feeling having floss stuck between your teeth that you need more floss to get it out. Between the shredding and the breaking, I went through this floss quickly and honestly, I'm glad it's gone.

Review by Jeannie on 10/10

I have tight teeth and this floss just broke in between them instantly.

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About Dental Lace
Jodi Breau had the idea for Dental Lace while working as a school librarian. She needed to carry dental floss in her bag, but she rejected the standard, ugly dental floss containers available and decided to create a more fashionable option. As she worked on her design, it soon became clear that the current dental floss market created a huge amount of waste. Her goal shifted to creating a fashionable and eco-friendly dental floss container and Dental Lace refillable dental floss was born. Dental Lace, Inc. is proudly located in Maine, a state with a long history of environmental protection efforts. As much as possible, Maine businesses are used to bring Dental Lace to market.

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