Magic Black Soap Facial Cleanser

Magic Black Soap Facial Cleanser

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What makes it Mighty?

  • cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing wash dissolves impurities and leaves skin glowing
  • rich & nourishing moringa oil, cocoa pod ash & shea butter
  • recyclable tube made from sugarcane bioplastic

Product Details


Refresh, renew, and brighten with a luxurious twist on traditional African black soap. Made with raw shea and moringa oil, True Moringa’s Magic Black Soap Facial Cleanser effortlessly transforms from nourishing cream to gentle exfoliating lather and leaves skin moisturized and glowing. 

Lightweight and easily absorbed, Moringa Oil is the ultimate superfood for skin. Its purifying effects are tough on impurities and gentle on the most sensitive skin. Used for centuries as traditional herbal remedy, African Black Soap is made with cocoa pod ash and natural oils to gently exfoliate, leaving skin looking bright and feeling fabulous. Shea Butter gives Magic Black Soap Facial Cleanser its foamy feel and creamy texture - plus, it's packed with antioxidants and fatty acids to leave skin looking and feeling radiant and healthy. 

  • True Moringa supports 5000 small farming families throughout Ghana to cultivate over two million moringa trees
  • The recyclable tube packaging is made of 100% sugarcane bioplastic

Size: 4 fl oz

Use and care:

Squeeze a dab onto finger tips, press finger tips together to distribute evenly on both hand, massage in circular motions onto cheeks, forehead, temples, jawline, chin and nose to gently exfoliate. Rinse with water to cleanse.

Where is it made?
How is it packaged?
Plastic squeeze tube
End of use:
Rinse and recycle.
Is it Vegan?
Why yes it is!
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About True Moringa
True Moringa works directly with a network of 5,000 smallholder farmers throughout Ghana to cultivate over two million moringa trees. The partnerships provide the farmers sustainable livelihoods through access to credit, agricultural training, nutrition programs, and fair wages. True Moringa’s 100% pure Moringa oleifera oil has no chemical additives, and is cold pressed in a heat-controlled environment to preserve the oil’s color, nutritional quality, and crucial fatty acids and protein structures.

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