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Gentle Foaming Cleanser

by Mother Dirt

404 reviews
$19.19 $23.99
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Prebiotic Foaming Cleanser
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Gentle Foaming Cleanser

by Mother Dirt

404 reviews
$19.19 $23.99
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Gentle Foaming Cleanser
3.4 Oz
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What Makes It Mighty?

  • gentle, non-drying, cleansing rosewater and glycerin soap to refresh, restore & hydrate your skin
  • prebiotics protect the healthy microbiome of the skin
  • foaming pump creates voluminous foamy puff that disperses soap easily over skin

Mother Dirt Gentle Foaming Cleanser does more than just clean your skin. It uses prebiotic inulin (from chicory root) to help restore, balance and fortify your skin's microbiome. Gentle glycerin soap, with jojoba and rosewater, removes impurities, makeup, and excess oils to help your skin maintain an optimal pH level without over-drying or stripping the skin of its essential balance.

  • For all skin types - dry, oily, acne prone, combination and sensitive skin
  • Helps to balance pH in the acid mantle of the skin
  • Helps brighten, smooth, calm and even out complexion
  • Can improve the texture and appearance of skin
  • Formulated without harsh surfactants, rough exfoliants, synthetic fragrance or salicylic acid
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested

Size: 3.4 fl oz (100 mL)

(Please note, many of the reviews for this product were originally posted on motherdirt.com)

Use and care:

Pump into hands, gently massage onto wet skin, and rinse well. Follow up with Mother Dirt Hydrating Serum.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
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Mighty Rating:

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Primarily plastic and recyclable

How is it packaged?
Plastic bottle/HDPE with pump, plastic shrink wrap
End of use:
Recycle bottle, discard pump & wrap with regular waste
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Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Size: 3.4 oz

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Has 100% ingredient visibility, includes some synthetic ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Fragrance Free.
Preservative Ingredients are:
Natural, Nature Identical.

Ingredients Details

Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Lactobacillus Ferment, Coco-Glucoside, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, Lactobacillus, Glycolipids, Inulin, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Sodium Gluconate, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

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What others are saying

Overall Score

404 reviews
Review by Cynthia on 10/18
My Twice Daily Facial Cleanser!

I love this fluffy cleanser - smells wonderful, leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished and it's so easy to use.

Review by Samantha H. on 10/12
Best Cleanser

I used to never use cleansers, just water, because I have really sensitive skin. However, since finding this cleanser I use it morning and night and my skin has been great. I highly recommend.

Review by Cassy Q. on 10/12
Came fast, no problems at

Came fast, no problems at all!
I haven't used it yet. But I truly believe it will be a good product

Review by Pamela S. on 10/12
Delivers a clean fresh face.

Delivers a clean fresh face. Does not leave a residue. Results are as said in product info.

Review by Janis K. on 10/12
Wonderful product. My skin looks

Wonderful product. My skin looks and feels great.

Review by Kennedy P. on 10/12
this combined with the probiotic

this combined with the probiotic spray has completely cleared my teenage granddaughters face ,
thank you!!!! the web site was highly recommended my her doctor who said his whole family used your products.

Review by Lizzy W. on 10/12
So far so good

Really enjoying this product so far. My face feels so soft and clean after using it. Plus is always fun using a foaming product! :) Classic packaging. Easy to use.

Review by Natalia I. on 10/12
Gentle face wash with safest

Gentle face wash with safest ingredients. Very satisfied.

Review by Grecia M. on 10/12
My new favorite skincare products!

Your products are phenomenal! I’ve already seen a huge difference in how clear and beautiful my skin is becoming! My friends and family have commented that my skin is glowing!
I can’t wait to see how awesome your other products are. I especially like how earth friendly and natural your products are which is very important to our environment and for future generations.
The shipping is unbelievably FAST and reasonable.
Thank you so much!
Sincerely a very satisfied customer
Grecia Miranda

Review by Lee H. on 10/12
This cleanser was recommended to

This cleanser was recommended to me by my dermatologist, to manage acne rosacea, and I couldn’t be happier. It cleans all my makeup off and my face feels clean and not stripped or dried out.

Review by Elaina C. on 10/12
Happy with purchase

Love it!

Review by abby on 10/12
Great cleanser

I tend to have the worst breakouts right around my period. I've been using this cleanser along with the serum and the mist and my skin looks great! I have the occasional breakout but nothing like I used to. Also does a great job at getting rid of the left over makeup I didn't get off with my makeup remover.

Review by Jennifer A. on 10/12
Best cleanser!

This cleanser is the best I've used. It makes my skin feel so clean, without depleting it, and definitely helps improve acne.

Review by Katie S. on 10/12
Perfect cleanser - effective and

Perfect cleanser - effective and gentle

Review by LAuren B. on 10/12
This cleanser never Lets me

This cleanser never Lets me down. I can tell the difference in my skin when I stop using it immediately. It’s honestly the best cleanser I have ever used. I doubt I will switch back ever again.

Review by Daniel N. on 10/12

The cleanser is the best that I have used. It does not dry you out and leaves your skin without any kind of film.

Review by Kathleen P. on 10/12
Great product!

Love this cleanser!

Review by Leann H. on 10/12
Love this product! I'm super

Love this product! I'm super sensitive to soaps. I have tried so many different options - even made my own. I have been using The AO Mist for years which is a life savor. I was very excited to see the Foaming Cleanser added to the product line. It works great on sensitive skin - a great combo with the AO Mist.

Review by Maggi L. on 10/12
Love this stuff!

Used in conjunction with the Restorative Mist, I have not had any breakouts. Good product - cleans without drying and leaves my skin feeling fantastic! Will buy again!

Review by Sonia S. on 10/12
Love it. Best face cleanser

Love it. Best face cleanser I have ever used: my skins very sensitive and this really helped me. My skin feels and looks a lot clearer. My so acne really cleared up. The aspect of the washer is everything it says it is.

Review by Sherry G. on 10/12
Love this foaming facial cleanser

I really love this foaming facial cleanser. No harsh chemical smells, gentle on my skin and it doesn’t dry my face out. I use it with the moisturizing serum and then spray the restorative mist. Much more gentle than my old soap and water routine.

Review by Hannah on 10/12
Clearing up 10 years of red spots

I have been dealing with redness and dry skin on my face for 10 years and this is the first product to do anything to help it! Completely life changing

Review by Edmond G. on 10/12
I love this. I use

I love this. I use it every day and find that the foaming cleanser is essential.

Review by Elissa J. on 10/12
Must buy!!

I have been using the foaming cleanser for a couple of months now and I swear by it. My face is softer and leaves my skin super clean never oily or greasy.

Review by Mikala C. on 10/12
I work outside every day,

I work outside every day, so this cleanser has been a huge part of my routine to keep my skin clear! I like it because it's gentle on my skin.

Review by Anthony M. on 10/12
Light refreshing cleaner

It's a great cleaner that is not heavy with chemicals, feels light, and cleans well with a refreshing feeling. Love it.

Review by Dina W. on 10/12
Best ever for me

I love this cleanser. My face is clearer and smoother. Won't be without this!!

Review by Kimmy C. on 10/12
Incredible products

My husband suffers from rosacea. All of the Mother Dirt products have helped him so so much. He uses them daily and loves them!

Review by Larry J. on 10/12
Works great!

Works great!

Review by Matlgrl on 10/12
It is so wonderful

Just started using the shampoo and it is so wonderful. I can't say enough about how good it is. My hair feels soft and very clean without feeling like it has been stripped of all life. Have been using the body and facial wash for a couple of weeks and have the same opinion - thinking it is so very great. I feel as if I am clean without being stripped of all the natural oils my body wants to protect me with. I will definitely want to use these products over and over again. Thank you for making such a superior product.

Review by Kerry K. on 10/12
My curls love this shampoo

As a curly-haired girl who always uses "curly" formulated shampoos and conditioners, I was a little bit worried about this "one-kind-fits-all" shampoo. Would it be good for curly hair? The answer is a resounding yes!!! My curls love this shampoo - it is gentle, but gets my hair and scalp clean. Works great with the mist (which is great on my scalp) - I love the combination! My new favorite shampoo!

Review by Janie J. on 10/12
Face is no longer dry

I have been using AO Biome for 5 weeks now and have noticed a big difference in the look and feel of my skin, particularly on my face. I am in my mid-50s and for the past year, had been experiencing extremely dry skin on my face. There wasn't a moisturizer I could find that would combat the dryness without clogging my pores. Since using AO Biome, I no longer use any product other than water on my face (no soap, moisturizers, wrinkle cream, anti-aging products, etc). My face is no longer dry and scaly. My large pores seem to be smaller and my skin is softer! I spritz AO Biome on my entire body in the morning after waking, and then in the evening before bed. Since doing this, I've been able to reduce my showers to one every other day. This is truly amazing because, living in the hot, humid weather of Florida summers, I used to shower up to 3x a day! Here's an example: I had not showered for 2 days, and went to a friend's house to help her put up a bird feeder. I was standing "downwind" of her and out of the blue she commented, "You smell so GOOD!" I am so pleased with AO Biome and would recommend the product to anyone.

Review by Shannon R. on 10/12
I've been using the cleanser

I've been using the cleanser and shampoo for over 6 weeks and love both products. The cleanser makes my skin feel clean without using but a couple of pumps for my entire body! It has truly transformed the way I go about my daily cleansing routine, for the better might I add!

Review by Karsten on 10/12
I love this cleanser!

I love this cleanser! I had been looking for a facial cleanser that didn't have a long list of ingredients I couldn't pronounce. This one is it! I also love that it's gentle, fragrance-free, and won't damage my microbiome like other cleansers might. I'm now getting this on Autoship. Worth it!

Review by Stacey on 10/12
I love your face wash

I love your face wash, I use it every day, and it has totally helped to balance my skin. I used to feel like my skin had patches of dryness, but now everything feels even and I don't need to moisturize, and my face doesn't feel greasy. When I first switched, I broke out a lot, but I think it was just my skin getting used to a new product. Thank you, I love this product!!

Review by Hari S. on 10/12
Very gentle on my dry skin

Very gentle on my dry skin. My face doesn't get oily anymore.

Review by Charlotte on 10/12
Does an amazing job

As a traveler, I often have issues with dryness during my stays in hotels. The cleanser is effective in cleansing my skin without drying it out and I like the absence of fragrance. I use the mist which does an amazing job of controlling body odor. I haven't had to use deodorant in ages!

Review by Deborah on 10/12
I am lost without it

I have used the cleanser since it hit the market, and I am lost without it. It takes off my face makeup and lipstick, and I shower with it. It is rich, creamy, and effective without stripping my skin of all the good stuff that Mother Nature puts there. When I have to use regular soap, my skin feels tight and unpleasant afterwards, so I try hard not to run out of it.

Review by Karen M. on 10/12
It's been great for me

I started using the cleanser as soon as it was available from AO+. I had been a mist user from the beginning and was really looking forward to the added benefits of the cleanser; and I was not disappointed!! I must be allergic to whatever makes soap "soap" because I've not ever found a cleanser that doesn't irritate my sensitive body parts, until Ao+!! It does not dry or irritate or inflame my skin like all other soaps do - I use it on my face as well - it's been great for me. Gentle foaming, light fragrance, even takes my makeup off. I haven't found any issues with expiration of the cleanser past the month, if there's more in the container, I use it, and it's fine.

Review by Chris on 10/12
I feel clean

Been using the cleanser for a while now - it took some adapting (getting used to the fact that it doesn't EXPLODE with lather, for example), but it works great. I feel clean without smelling like chemical perfumes, and my skin is in far better shape. Especially relevant for me since I spend a lot of time in the gym, so how often and with what I clean up are doubly important.

Review by Lauren S. on 10/12
Great for clean skin without harsh chemicals

I love using this cleanser as part of my routine. When I use it my skin feels fresh but never stripped. I feel completely safe using it on my daughter as well. I am very sensitive to fragrances but the smell of this product didn't bother me at all.

Review by Sandy K. on 10/12
Clean and unstripped

Search for gentle cleaner that cleans the skin, face and body, without stripping it like a scraper.. Blessedly free of any fragrance; and whatever it leaves behind has worked out quite well for a couple of years.. Big fan.

Review by Gretchen L. on 10/12
Loving this product

I love the idea that I am helping my body keep itself clean and healthy in a way that doesn't impose harmful things on it.

Review by Vimala R. on 10/12
As good as everyone says

Even though I couldn't buy the mist yet, I bought the face cleanser and shampoo on the big birthday sale. The face cleanser is beyond natural and, even though I still need to use a little oil to remove all powder from my nose, it's a pleasure to wash my face now. The shampoo is the best I've ever used, and it's true that I can go a day longer without shampooing, even though my hair is thin and fine. I'm hooked! Now just to get a job so that I can keep buying them, and the mist, too!

Review by John B. on 10/12
Has cleared up majority of my skin issues.

I am far less likely to break out into any kind of skin issue. Pimples, all over my body, are the main thing that have gone away by and large. My skin is obviously in much less of an inflammatory state because it now has a healthier micro biome.

Review by Stephen M. on 10/12
My Face & Body Cleanser Experience

When I was younger I had acne growing up. I tried many different products before I learned that changing my diet/lifestyle played a big role in overall skin health. But the problem of stubborn blackheads remained despite a cleaner diet and my use of organic soaps. Until I encountered Mother Dirt's Face & Body Cleanser. I use it twice daily. Once when I wake and during a shower or before bed. Then I follow with the AO+ Mist (also an amazing product by MD) for extra care. This particular regimen has worked WONDERS. The overall size and number of blackheads has decreased around my nose and inner cheeks dramatically. I recommend the Face & Body Cleanser to anyone with problem skin!

Review by Alina D. on 10/12
Wonderful product

I have been using this product for several months and I absolutely love it. I go through several bottles of the AO Mist per month but about a bottle of the body cleanser and shampoo per month. Most of the time I can go with just using the products as stated. However, too much strenuous activity and/or heat can product unwanted body odor at sometimes if you wait too long to shower after such an encounter. So plan accordingly. If I know I have an important meeting, I usually add some "stank stop" from fat face to supplement the products and ensure my natural aromas don't get out of hand at some unwanted moment.

Review by Eric D. on 10/12
Face cleanser is the perfect addition to mist

I had been using the MotherDirt Mist for a while, but struggled to figure out how to wash off after vigorous exercise or a hot day. I had been reluctantly using natural soaps, but I was still not satisfied with how it left my skin feeling and it seemed that I had to repeat a cycle of getting back to my Misting norms. I tried the MotherDirt Face cleanser and haven’t looked back since. It is gentle, compatible with the AO bacteria, and smells great (i.e., subtle). I find I only need to use it two or three times a week, which is even better because I save water, time, and energy for living a happy life.

Review by Sandy K. on 10/12
Gentlely lovely...

..non- fragrant and non-abusive clean! Leaves skin feeling...like the lovely normal one feels it should feel like.

Review by Sara A. on 10/12
Awesome cleanser

Great replacement for soap. Clean fresh scent; basically odorless. Rises easily and completely.

Review by Christa K. on 10/12
Gentle but thorough cleanser

This cleanser cleans your face well but doesn’t leave it feeling dry. It removes makeup really well and best of all it doesn’t aggravate my acne.

Review by Doris F. on 10/12
Such a change

MotherDirt cleanser has made such a change is my daily routine. Not only does the product leave me feeling clean, but is has eliminated that “slightly” dry skin post shower. Love this stuff!

Review by Ashley R. on 10/12
Love it !!!

All rhe products work great , never felt cleaner

Review by Randall C. on 10/12
My skin loves this product

Started out purchasing a single months reply and quickly decided that I will not use regular soap or cleansers again. The monthly subscription provides a perfect supply with just enough overage to allow me to dedicate a spare for travel. Also highly recommend the shampoo.

Review by Nancy D. on 10/12
Face and body cleaner

I am very pleased with this product. My skin feels super clean but in no way dried out. Works perfect, keeps natural flora happy and me too.

Review by Michelle L. on 10/12
Great for sensitive skin

I've been using MotherDirt for close to two years now. Their products are great for sensitive and dry skin. They accommodate international shipping to Canada and provide great customer service. Whenever I have questions about the product or my order, the team always responds quickly. I would highly recommend the face & body cleanser, shampoo, and the spray!

Review by Susan on 10/12
My favorite MD product

This face and body foam is perfect. My skin feels great! I use it to wash my face before bed, and in the mornings, when I absolutely have to shower, I pump this onto a washcloth and run it over my whole body. It has a light, non-chemical smell. I love it so much I signed up for a monthly subscription! I use it in conjunction with the AO Mist, and I have to say, I could shower or not, now. My skin does not feel stripped, dry or assaulted in any way. Also, since I use it on my face and body and keep my hair in a shower cap, my showers are very short… like about 4 minutes. This foam is helping me save water!

Review by John E. on 10/12
Great alternative to soap

My skin used to get so itchy from regular soap. No longer. I've been using Mother Dirt cleanser for over a year now with great results. It's mild (does not stink your eyes) but cleans well. Your skin will feel fresh but not dry. The foaming dispenser allows you to use just a small amount. I will not go back to regular soap. (I even carry it with me when I travel)

Review by Deborah T. on 10/12
Must have!

MD cleanser is an intrinsic component of the synergistic MD system. Not only is it user friendly and a pleasure to use - as are all MD products - it is a great cleanser post-surgery when one has complicated wound and tube sites to keep clean without additional irritations or complications. Literally cannot do without the cleanser and its mates. Merci beaucoup encore, Mother Dirt!

Review by William R. on 10/12
Amazingly clean

I use it every day and it makes my face squeaky clean, amazing stuff.

Review by Pat E. on 10/12
Face & Body Cleanser

It is wonderful. Doesn’t dry out your skin but leaves it feeling clean.

Review by Mallory G. on 10/12
The best!

The best!

Review by Virginia C. on 10/12


Review by Daniel N. on 10/12

The face and body cleanser has simplified my morning routine. I don't need a wash cloth, just my hands. It goes on easy, cleans and leaves my skin softer than with Lever 3000. I use the moisturizer, but I almost don't have to. I am done quicker and feel cleaner versus the old way. Plus, there is no fragrance to speak of.

Review by Erin L. on 10/12
It's working

Its been about 4 weeks - there is improvement in my skin!

Review by Sylvia S. on 10/12
So far, so good!

I've only used the product for a few weeks, but, so far, I'm enjoying. The product feels leaves my skin feeling really clean without feeling stripped AND you can tell by now glowing complexion that my body's good bacteria is not being washed away. The only thing that would have been better would have been if the product had me it to me a little more quickly (after I placed my online order), but other than that, up to this point, it's been a win.

Review by Erika D. on 10/12

I was so skeptical that this would work. I also thought I would really miss the scents in most of my products. So far it's amazing! I smell better, my skin is smooth and wonderful. These little spots/bumps I've had on my arms are going away. My natural scent is amazing! I also thought I could never go without deodorant... but even that I'm using less and less and having no issues. I'm very impressed and happy with this product. Now I just need to them to ship to the EU!

Review by Meagan C. on 10/12
I love how it foams.

I love how it foams. Feels great, while still leaving my face feeling moisturized.

Review by Danah W. on 10/12
Clean feeling!

This cleanser makes my skin feel clean without drying it out. Lots of plastic for this container and pump. Can't open and pour a small quantity out for travel. Pricy. Worth it, if you can afford it.

Review by Amy S. on 10/12
Save Your Sensitized Skin!

My skin was irritated and reacting to many kinds of skin care products - swollen, inflamed and red, flaking, peeling and everything was stinging! 2 days into Mother dirt's 3 some and everything was calmer. A week in and even the peeling is about gone. A sensitive skin miracle!
If your skin needs more balance, you've gotta try this. Maybe the right kind of bacteria will bring you balance as well:relaxed:️

Review by Nicole M. on 10/12
happy skin

I like the way my skin feels after using the Face & Body Cleanser. I also find it interesting how many people comment now on how good I smell, this is a new experience.

Review by Veronica R. on 10/12
Great product !!

Great product !!

Review by David P. on 10/12
Face and Body Cleanser

Outstanding! Clean, smooth, clear, and fresh smelling results. I even save water! How? Rinse off, turn off the water, apply a few pumps of the cleanser to a shower mesh scrubber, and the cleaner foams up. Scrub away, then rinse. Skin always, always feels smooth. I've used it for over a year and will continue. This is the real deal, folks. Add the shampoo and AO+ Mist, and you can forgo deodorant, too. It's amazing.

Review by Mara on 10/12
One of the best cleansers

I have sensitice skin that does not do well with strong fragrances be they synthetic or natural, and is typically not a fan of foaming cleansers of any kind. This is the ONLY foaming cleanser I have used to date that does not cause any feeling of tightness or dehydration of the skin. It does not make my skin red, itchy, or hot feeling. The foam feels so soft and pillowy, and really cleanses the skin be it the face, underarms or your you-know-what. This cleanser really became a favourite once I realised that it could completely remove all traces of deodorant, sweat and stink from the underarms without the need to scrub. This being a multi-use product that actual works as a multi-use product is why I find it to be deserving of 5 stars. The only downside to purchasing it is the duty fees I have to pay here in Canada :( For that reason, only buying 1 isnt feasible. I'm currently looking to other cleansers with similar ingredients from a Canadian brand, but if that doesn't perform as well I'll be back here lol

Review by Finley P. on 10/12
Love it

I love how clean my face feels after using this cleanser without it feeling stripped of moisture. A little goes a long way.

Review by Eczyc E. on 10/12
very good

It's Mousse. Good to clean face, but if you want to clean body, you will have to push a lot of pushs.

Review by Elyse T. on 10/12
Love it!!

Simple, smells nice, and leaves my skin feeling soft. I have super sensitive skin and this stuff didn't make it angry even a bit!! I love that I can use this cleanser from head to toe and I actually feel clean (unlike Cetaphil or other sensitive skin cleansers that can leave you feeling slimy ). One pump puts out enough foam to cover face and neck, another pump for the torso, and another for the legs; rub, and you are done! I actually left some on my face while cleaning the rest of my body to help remove some make-up and accidentally opened my eyes...NO STING what so ever! Love this stuff, it is definitely a keeper!

Review by Kristin on 10/12
Love it so far!

I've been using the cleanser for 2 weeks now and I really like it. I feel clean and my skin hasn't been dry at all.

Review by Daniel C. on 10/12
good product

I was interested in this product because I liked the idea of not washing away or removing the good bacteria from your skin. After using it for a couple weeks I definately like it. Skin feels clean but not overly dry and it seems to have evened out some of the dry/oily areas on my face. Overall A+!

Review by Katie G. on 10/12

Love this cleanser. I immediately saw a diference in my skin, it was softer after just a few applications. I was detoxing my underarms from years of deodorant use and the cleanser really helped bring my skin back into balance.

Review by Krista S. on 10/12
Great product! Feels great on

Great product! Feels great on the skin.

Review by Robert G. on 10/12
Simply Put - it Works!

I have been using the standard 2% salicylic acid face washes for year so I was skeptical / excited to try something new. Simply put, it works. I've used the face wash and the AO Mist and my skin has never looked better.

Review by Rick H. on 10/12
Love the face and body

Love the face and body cleanser. Greatly helped my skin. My hands were dry and cracked before. Now I don’t use hand lotion nearly a

Review by Tanya N. on 10/12
Skin loving product

Best cleanser so far that I’ve found. Im changing all my current cleansers for this one.

Review by Laurel A. on 10/12

I am completely amazed and addicted. I will always use MD!
I don't mind the price! My face looks amazing! My scalp is so happy!
I can't wait to try the mist!
I only wish I had found MD sooner. All the money I spent on other "healthy" products. I tried every (organic, limited ingredient) brand over the years for myself and my family. (PS I bathe every day and wash my hair 2 times a week.)

Review by Catherine N. on 10/12
Great Cleanser

It’s so nice to use a cleanser that doesn’t over wash your skin and strip it of all the good things. I like that it has no fragrance. If there was a bar cleanser I would be thrilled.

Review by Mark A. on 10/12
The best my skin has ever looked

After about 3 days of using the cleanser my skin looked the best it had in 20 years. I've had the AO+ Mist for almost a week now (and am on week 3 of the cleanser) and I will never use another skincare company's products again. Best $65 I've ever spend in skin care.

Review by Margaret H. on 10/12
Best facial cleanser with fewest ingredients!

Recently I’ve been cutting back on the amount of whacky chemicals put into my washing and skin care routine. I bought MD’s cleanser a few weeks ago and so far I have not been disappointed! I have had to use my old acne wash (Mario Badescu) on my chin for only one zit since I’ve started using MD. Very pleased with my purchase.

Review by Deanne L. on 10/12
Very Happy Customer

Awesome product! Feels great and improves my complexion! Thank you Mother Dirt!

Review by Debra R. on 10/12
Love it!

Great facial cleanser.

Review by Dustin P. on 10/12
The Best

Seriously, this stuff is the best!! One of the only things that my skin has been able to work with.

Review by Dahlia Y. on 10/12


Review by Susan E. on 10/12
Mother Dirt face & body cleanser

We all love this product. My teenagers & I both use it. Face feels clean without feeling stripped of moisture. Am placing another order today.

Review by Anthony A. on 10/12
Clean not dry

Perfect balance of cleaning but not drying your skin. Highly recommend.

Review by Suzanne V. on 10/12
Love it!

Love it!

Review by Sherry on 10/12
Friends no

Having lunch with a friend one day. She is very involved and how her skin looks. She gets many treatments to make it look better. She asked me what I am using on my skin… She said it looks better than I’ve ever seen it before!

Review by Alyson P. on 10/12

Gentle on my face but also a great cleanser. Seems to help shrink pours as well.

Review by Lauren B. on 10/12
great product

clean filling and refreshing

Review by Amy M. on 10/12
Foam is my Favorite I have ever used.

This is a great product. Period.

Review by Krisana V. on 10/12
The BEST!!!

Nothing worked until I found this wash! My skin feels healthy and balanced. It's not too dry or too oily. It's just perfect!

Review by Mary P. on 10/12
Great cleanser

Cleanser makes me feel clean without making my skin feel tight.

Review by Laurence M. on 10/12


Review by Joani B. on 10/12
Really great products

My family has been using all the products for the last 2 months and the noticeable difference in skin, body and hair is very real.

Review by Henry M. on 10/12
Face & Body Cleanser

As this Government continues to make it difficult for "us" to have the choice to clean/ natural/ non-chemically laced products, it is astounding to see a product such as MotherDirt thrive. In order to bring change we must unite and support companies such as MotherDirt that are giving us such great products. Thank you MotherDirt!

Review by Matthew M. on 10/12
The best body cleanser!!

Before I started using this body wash/cleanser my coworker would complain about me smelling. Since I’ve been using this product, he hasn’t said a thing!

Review by Joani B. on 10/12
Really great products

I really think this is the best product for my skin whether it's my face / body, or hair. Highly recommend

Review by Barbara W. on 10/12
Mist and Cleanser

I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my skin. I started out with just the cleanser and now use the mist and cleanser and that seemed to offer the best results. Very pleased.

Review by Patricia O. on 10/12

Not only does the cleanser give a long-lasting clean feeling, as other reviewers have mentioned, but it rinses so easily. I am using less water each time I use it compared to what I used previously.

Review by Yuki on 10/12
Great face cleanser

This cleanser is surprisingly good for face. It is gentle, but it does much better job on throughly cleaning the face than other mild cleansers.
I use it in the morning solo and evening after a make-up remover. I wish it's easier to see how much is left in the bottle so that I can plan when to replenish.

Review by Marilyn W. on 10/12
I love the products

Gentle, safe, feels like a million dollars. I'm happy with my skin and how it feels. The shampoo is great if you want your hair style to last. No chemicals weighing it down.

Review by Jessica N. on 10/12
Saving grace

I had reached a point where no healthy, natural deodorants were working for me. And out of desperation I switched to antiperspirants. Only to discover that even the most powerful ones provided protection for an hour or two tops. At my wits end, thinking I would never be able to find a deodorant that works for me, I decided to purchase the mother dirt face and body wash. Turns out, I just needed a reboot to my body’s microbiome. I’ve been using this soap for over a month now, and starting from day one I have been able to use natural deodorants successfully! I absolutely love it and I’m so grateful there was a solution to my increasing frustrations.

Review by Janet R. on 10/12
I like these products because

I like these products because I am allergic to other skin care products.

Review by Candace F. on 10/12
Best products Ever!

I love Mother Dirt. I started using this last year and this winter was the first year without dry itchy skin. My hair is soft and feels natural. All of the products perform wonderfully!

Review by Katherine B. on 10/12
love every mother dirt product; have one criticism of moisturizing oil

I really like the foaming cleanser, the shamoo is great, leaves my hair shiny and clean. One thing needs improvement: the containers themselves. The moisturizer pump bottle leaks all over itself, the entire bottle covered in oil. The moisturizer is fantastic. The shampoo bottle is too hard to squeeze, if not softer bottle, then a pump bottle would be appreciated. Please work on the containers. The products are almost too pricey, especially since Dove products are now claiming to be "Biome-friendly".

Review by Mary M. on 10/12
This is the best facial

This is the best facial cleanser I have found on the market.

Review by Stephen A. on 10/12
I’m only using the foaming

I’m only using the foaming cleanser on my face and so far my skin feels really clean compared to conventional soap which makes my skin feel dry and tight!

Review by Jen D. on 10/12
Very nice

I really like/love this... but it’s a bit pricey for me. Great product tho!

Review by Rudolph L. on 10/12
A tremendous product which has

A tremendous product which has made a significant difference in my personal hygiene care.

Review by Mikko Z. on 10/12
Wife uses it.

She is happy. Can’t really say anything about it.

Review by Travis H. on 10/12
Sensitive skin

We all have sensitive skin. This product is gentle and effective with out being drying. We all love it! We will be Repeat customers!

Review by Brennan H. on 10/12
I use in shower

I've always used this as a body wash. Now that they have a body wash...I still use it as a body wash. Cleans well and doesn't negatively affect my skin. Can't say my skin is 'improved,' but it's the only cleanser I've used that doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or otherwise worse off than when I started.

Review by Jennifer B. on 10/12
Trouble skin

This is the first cleanser to really work for my tricky skin type. It's mild, yet it really cleans! I use it head to toe.

Review by Jake R. on 10/12
Bomb diggity products!

These products are the bomb diggity, they leaving you feel like a Dolphin. A Dolphin diving deep into the sea but then rushing to the surface to greet human beings, able to speak & communicate with chirps & beeps and remarkably intelligible communique. Get these prods & you will become a Dolphin, but you will look like a human.

Review by Lauren F. on 10/12
Love it!

Love it!

Review by Brittany C. on 10/12
Awesome stuff

I have been super pleasantly surprised by these products. Great quality ingredients.

Review by Jane l. on 10/12

I love this cleaner! My skin feels so good!

Review by Emily D. on 10/12
Adore this company and product!

best customer service ever, great product, fantastic service and results. Don't hesitate to buy it and try it ASAP!

Review by Vika G. on 10/12
Awesome product

I have been using face cleanser and AO mist for all most a week now and wow my skin is getting brighter and much more clear. have also been using AO mist on my hands and forearms as I wash them frequently (I am a massage therapist).
So far I love Mother Dirt products!!!

Review by Nancy F. on 10/12
Love the cleanser love the

Love the cleanser love the way my skin feels after using

Review by Andrea B. on 10/12
Great cleanser

Love it. Takes of Make up and makes me look younger

Review by Dina W. on 10/12

This cleanser makes my skin so silky it is fun to have my skin under my clothes. I wasn't expecting the lasting softness.

Review by Karla P. on 10/12
Foaming cleanser

Foaming cleanser

Review by Kristin T. on 10/12
The best!!

Can’t say enough about this stuff. So gentle my (young) daughters use it, too!

Review by Kelly E. on 10/12
A little goes a long ways

I love mother dirt products. I have been using the cleanser for almost four years. I have really sensitive skin and have appreciated how gentle it is. I have also found myself needing to shower less often, which my skin and the environment both appreciate!

Review by Barbara B. on 10/12
Great cleanser!

I really like the way my skins feels...clean and refreshed!

Review by Evan K. on 10/12
Issues be gone

After using it for a couple weeks, my skin is looking better than it has in years, clearing up a whole host of skin issues.

Review by Amanda R. on 10/12
Clean but not dry.

I love that there is no overbearing fragrance to the cleanser. I feel like my face is clean but NEVER too dry.

Review by John W. on 10/12
Great non drying cleanser

The foaming cleanser works great in conjunction with the AO mist. It is an effective cleaner, rinses off easily, and does not dry out one’s skin.

Review by Cassie K. on 10/12
This cleanser rocks!!

I love the way my skin feels after using this!!

Review by Linda S. on 10/12
Love this cleanser

I really love this cleanser. It makes my skin super soft and does not dry it out at all. It feels super gentle. I will be re-ordering.

Review by Isabelle P. on 10/12
Wonderful experience!

Cleanser leaves my skin feeling calm and refreshed, will continue use!

Review by Aaron B. on 10/12
Healthy feeling skin!

I have been using the Mother Dirt cleanser for a few months now and really like it. Over the last several years I’ve moved to more “natural” and organic type products, but continued to struggle with minor outbreaks. It was much worst in my younger years...

Since using the Mother Dirt products my skin seems to just feel healthy. I’m actually kind of amazed at how clear my skin has been throughout the summer.

My pre-teen daughters have tried the cleanser and seem to like it too. I’m reordering now and going with the ‘buy 3 for 15% off’ promo.

Review by Anne J. on 10/12
Gentle and Effective

I bought this because I knew I would need something that feels like a cleanser as I try out this soap-free lifestyle. My face looks and feels great. I have dry skin, and this product does not further dry my skin out.

Review by Jasmin M. on 10/12
Great stuff for healthy skin

Really appreciate the improvements to my skin, especially my face. Love all the products they are each worth trying to see if it helps you too. My only disappointment is in shipping. Inconsistent, if it goes out US mail I get in 3 days but if that things goes FedEx it takes over 7 days sometimes. Please take note of this feedback

Review by Julia S. on 10/12
My face loves it

I don't wear makeup, but this makes my face feel clean without dryness.

Review by Whitney O. on 10/12
Love it

I've been using this for several months now, and have reordered twice. Got my mom and sister to start using it as well. We all love it. It cleanses your skin without stripping it of its oils and making it feel dry or tight. I have sensitive skin and have not had any negative reaction from using this cleanser. I love that it has no harsh or dangerous ingredients either. All around great cleanser.

Review by Julie B. on 10/12
Very gentle, no smell....does my

Very gentle, no smell....does my face good !

Review by Lisa S. on 10/12
Need very little

Need very little and 2 people using this it has lasted 2 months. Skin seems less greasy after using for a couple of days.

Review by Kelley V. on 10/12
great unscented product

using this cleanser has made it easier to stick with my skincare routine. i really like that it's unscented and foams. i use it once a day (nightly) in conjunction with my AO+ mist and moisturizer.

Review by John R. on 10/12
Great product

Great product

Review by Kayla S. on 10/12
Great for sensitive skin!

Love how smooth and soft this cleaner makes my skin feel.

Review by Todd G. on 10/12
Natural Balance

Leaves skin with clean and fresh natural balance you can really feel. Great to follow up with a little mist and/or moisturizer that keeps skin in a terrific shape for extended periods of time, until your next wash or spritz.

Review by Richard H. on 10/12
Great Product - lasts quite a while

Seems to work like any soap, except it protects the microbiome (which I cannot verify).

Review by Marga P. on 10/12
Love It!

We are entering harsh weather months where I live. The Body Oil is fantastic! And I love the cleanser! It normalizes the skin without stripping natural oils. This was my 2nd order.

Review by Jordan P. on 10/12
Cleans well!

I haven’t been using long enough to know if this is working, but it does feel like my face is super clean

Review by Danielle D. on 10/12
My go-to

I discovered this face wash a few months ago and upgraded to the bigger size when it ran out because it's now my daily go-to. This face wash is so light on my skin but my face feels so clean after I use it. I love that it's not harsh and stripping away the good oils on my face. For reference, I'm lucky and have great skin so I can't review if it helped with blemishes or anything, but my skin is the same since using this so it hasn't hurt it.

Review by Tiffany on 10/12
Velvety foam, non-drying

The face foaming cleanser is light but two pumps can be very thorough and cleaning your face without drying. This is a nice product.

Review by Rachel P. on 10/12
Great cleanser!

Great cleanser!

Review by Christina C. on 10/12
Amazing Foam Cleanser

This is the perfect morning cleanser! The gentle foam cleanses my skin perfectly and leaves it feeling clean and nourished and isn’t drying. My skin looks amazing just after a few days!

Review by Ann C. on 10/12
Love it!

I’ve been using this for a couple years now. I love it!

Review by Esther B. on 10/12
Awesome foaming cleanser

Removed makeup with one pump. No harsh chemicals and left my skin feeling great.

Review by Elin D. on 10/12
Will remove my makeup

This is so great. It takes off my makeup no problem.

Review by Sunnie M. on 10/12
Never going back

My skin was in a funk from the fluctuation of the cold to warm winter weather we have been having and my skin couldn’t regulate itself. Also.... confession, I ran out of my mother dirt mist & face wash about 4 months ago, and I went back to a previous product I had been using prior to my mother dirt discovery..... it wasn’t working for me.
I went back to mother dirt and my skin has magically regulated itself despite the weather and I couldn’t be happier! I am a firm believer in paying for good skin care. I cheated on myself for a few months and I won’t be doing it again! I LOVE MOTHER DIRTT!

Review by Austin C. on 10/12
Favorite Mother Dirt Product

I've been using this product for over 2 years and it's been great. It's great for shaving and washing the face.

Review by Macy M. on 10/12
Works great, face feels clean

Works great, face feels clean and not dried out

Review by Jessica K. on 10/12
Shorter showers, less water!

I’ve been using the Foaming Cleanser and Shampoo for over three years now. Cut down in shower time and I use much less water! Plus my skin has never been happier! Win, win!

Review by Catarina C. on 10/12
gentle and refreshing

This is the only cleanser I've used for the last ~4 years. I love that it's a foam and it doesn't dry my skin out. It does what a face wash should do, gently remove whatever builds up from the day- and leaves the beneficial skin bacteria to do its job. I'll never use another cleanser!

Review by Laura F. on 10/12
It works!

After trying e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g else, this worked wonders to clear up my teenage skin. Smells weird at first, but you get used to it. Noticed results within 2 weeks. Try it!

Review by Alyse G. on 10/12
Gentle foaming cleanser

This is the first Mother Dirt product I've tried, and based on my experience, I will probably try some their other products in the future. I like the rich foam and how it leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight. Also a healthy alternative so-called "feminine" cleansing gels.

Review by Andrea on 10/12
Melts down makeup! Like full coverage, long-wear, whole-face-beat type of makeup.

I used to double cleanse with an oil to remove my makeup (Fenty Pro'Filter Foundation and Concealer, or Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation + a whole lot of highlighter, bronzer, and blush) and then use a face wash to clean my skin. This stuff will literally melt my makeup off, the first few days of me having it I would look forward to my nighttime routine just so I could see the makeup melt off my face. It even takes off waterproof mascara! I still use an oil to remove the mascara just because I want something a little more hydrating for my eyelashes, but after removing my eye makeup I'll splash my face with water, use two pumps of the cleanser and watch all the makeup melt away. In the long run it will save me money as I won't have to buy a separate product to double cleanse with.

Review by Leanne M. on 10/12

I do like the gentleness of this product find it light and effective is refreshing.

Review by Andrea K. on 10/12
I’ll never buy any other products!

I love my shampoo! My hair is softer than ever WITHOUT even using conditioner!

Review by Katie F. on 10/12
Gentle, yet really cleans

I have been using this cleanser for about 3 months, and am very pleased with my skin after adding this to my skincare routine. It is effective enough to remove my light layer of makeup, and gentle enough to cleanse my skin before toner and moisturizer. It is soothing to the skin, has no harsh or strong scent, and leaves my skin feeling clean.

Review by Bee on 10/12
Great for teenagers!

I bought this face wash for myself, but quickly found that it was gentle enough even for my teenager. So glad we have something that works for both of us!

Review by Amy L. on 10/12
Trust me, you won’t believe

Trust me, you won’t believe how beautiful your face will look after using thus cleanser! I’m totally in love with these products for my face!

Review by L A. on 10/12
Gentle, effective

The foaming cleanser is gentle and effective. Lathers nicely, doesn’t make my slim feel stripped or tight and lasts decently for the amount I paid for it. One good pump is all you need!

Review by Christine J. on 10/12
Literally threw out my other products after day 5.

I ordered this a month ago but just talked myself into using it 5 days ago. I. AM. SOLD! My skin is so much softer, LITERALLY squeaky clean and big bonus I was able to stop using clinical strength deodorant and go to regular kind for the first time in years!
Also both my children’s skin within once use of the cleaner was less bumpy and red on their arms and legs!
Placing another order now.

Review by Gail D. on 10/12
It's the only cleanser I

It's the only cleanser I use on my face anymore. Love sharing the experience with friends.

Review by Christi C. on 10/12
Better skin everyday

I appreciate the fact this cleanser does not dry my skin. Plus it is I scented in a way that is natural instead of having ingredients added to make it smell unscented. My skin is looking better and better everyday.

Review by Diane P. on 10/12
Part of my daily routine

Part of my daily routine

Review by Nancy L. on 10/12
Use it religiously!!!!

I have been using The body cleanser for several years and I love it.
Rinses clean and leaves you feeling fresh without a heavy perfume smell.

Review by Brooke B. on 10/12
Efficiently cleans skin without stripping

Efficiently cleans skin without stripping it of moisture AND removes makeup well

Review by Lauren V. on 10/12
I love this product. I've

I love this product. I've used it for years and it has made a huge difference in the way my skin looks. It has a light scent, so it's not overpowering. It's the only face and body wash I'll use!

Review by Kierra on 10/12
Works wonderfully

Terrific product

Review by Steven L. on 10/12
gentle, effective cleanser

gentle, effective cleanser

Review by Ronald B. on 10/12
Great product!

Great product!

Review by Susan P. on 10/12
Great product

Skin feels very soft and clean. Not stripped. Like it a lot

Review by Katrina on 10/12
Calming for my sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and many of the "dermatologist recommended" products still leave me red, itchy, and agitated. Within days of starting to use the MotherDirt Foaming Cleanser I could see and feel the difference in my face. It has never looked clearer and felt softer. I'm a convert.

Review by Kristi M. on 10/12
Love it!

I’ve been using Mother Dirt for a while now and I LOVE it! It is gentle on my skin and doesn’t have an overwhelming fragrance. I love that it’s Biome Friendly too. My skin looks better than it ever has!

Review by Marco O. on 10/12
Very good

Very good

Review by Gail D. on 10/12
Foaming Cleanser for Deep, Gentle Cleansing

The Foaming Cleanser is my "go to" product for day-to-day cleansing of face and body. So gentle! Great foaming action and always deep cleaning, and the slightest rose fragrance. Great at getting rid of any body odor, too. Thanks for a terrific (and safe!) cleanser.

Review by Brittney G. on 10/12
Love it along with AO

Love it along with AO Mist. Cleanses without stripping or drying.

Review by Lauren G. on 10/12
Great products

My skin reacts to everything except for Mother Dirt products! This product cleans your skin without stripping it.

Review by Mandy K. on 11/2
Very gentle on my sensitive

Very gentle on my sensitive skin.

Review by Michelle on 10/25
Obsessed, great for whole family

I am obsessed with this product! I will never go back to regular soap. I have been using this on my baby since he was teeny tiny it’s so gentle and it makes my skin happy. Thank you!!

Review by David L. on 10/4
Healthy Skin = Healthy Me

Since starting to use Mother Dirt products several skin issues have vanished. This includes the end of a near life long battle with jock itch - now completely gone. Another bonus is that traditional body odors have disappeared, even after a heavy workout or a long day afield. All thanks to the great reference to your products in the book "10% Human". Thanks and keep upnthe good work. Regards, Dave L.

Review by Carlee M. on 9/7
Best Cleanser

Love this cleanser!!! Leaves my skin feeling clean and keeps my face clear of blemishes.

Review by Joyce G. on 7/6
Love this product

Great product to restore all types of skin health issues.

Review by Reid K. on 6/7
I feel clean after using

I feel clean after using the cleanser. No residue or strong smell.

Review by Rhonda on 5/13

This face wash is awesome! The foam removes all of my make-up, and is so gentle. the bottle lasted me for a long while too, so price pretty good.

Review by Lori A. on 5/5
Best cleanser to remove makeup

Best cleanser to remove makeup and keep s my skin clean, clear, and soft.

Review by Kacie U. on 5/3
Simple and effective

I love this simple and effective product! Gentle enough for everyday and helps my acne prone skin stay calm.

Review by Matthew on 4/6
Works well with the mist spray

I had been using Cerave hydrating cleanser as well as the Mother Dirt mist. But when I switched to this prebiotic cleanser only and the mist my skin noticeably improved after a few days.

I definitely recommend it if you're washing your face.

Review by John R. on 3/7
Great product!

I've used this product for 2 years and have found it to be amazing! Mother Dirt is a great product and I would highly recommend it.

Review by shanda b. on 2/7
Love the Mist!

I don't want to ever be without this product. I smell better, my hair stays clean longer, my face never breaks out and my skin feels smoother.

Review by Christiana H. on 2/1
Mother of a product

Great! Love it. Especially coming in the form of a foam.
Easy to use pump as well.
My skin face thanks you:-)

Review by Rebecca B. on 10/11
Love this cleanser!

Excellent for my sensitive skin! Very balanced, leaves skin feeling clean without stripping the natural oils.

Review by Cathy H. on 8/11
No comment

No comment

Review by Sharee G. on 8/6
Buy it!!

Since I have started using this wash in my household I have noticed a definite difference in our skin!! My 13 has acne and hasn’t been able to overcome it! With mother dirts acne kit, her acne has improved tremendously!!

My skin is not so dry and just looks better.

Review by Kelli B. on 8/5
Love Mother Dirt Products

I absolutely love the Probiotic Foaming Cleanser! And all my other products from Mother Dirt! I will never switch back to any other brand! Mother Dirt is worth every penny!

Review by Kevin N. on 8/2
Great product

My skin feels soft and happy and I am having fewer and less severe breakouts. Love the mother dirt acne system!

Review by Jerri B. on 7/8
I really like how the

I really like how the cleanser makes my face feel after using it. I have mature skin and it works well for me.

Review by Kayla W. on 7/5
The effect on my skin

The effect on my skin has been amazing. I'm really clearing up and toning evenly.

Plus, you can never go wrong with a natural formula that's also made by a Dr.

My skin was thirsty and now it looks Dewey and full, I like it a lot, said lena.

I hand her my drink and we slide out

Review by Maureen P. on 7/3
The only facial cleanser I

The only facial cleanser I will use

Review by Jolie on 6/12
The absolute best

The foaming cleanser is a must have! Helps improve skin and goes on so nicely and washes off well. I will be recommending this to everyone!

Review by Erin M. on 5/3
Perfect gentle cleanser

This is the gentlest cleanser I’ve found, and doesn’t over-dry my skin, even when using twice a day.

Review by Mary W. on 5/2
Game changer

I never review products. Everyone says that, but I really don’t. But I came here to say that I have the most sensitive skin possible—any drop of something “unfriendly” on my face and I get a raging allergic reaction—and Mother Dirt’s cleanser and moisturizer are a miracle. They don’t just NOT irritate my skin, they’ve cut down on how often my skin gets irritated in general. Seriously a game-changer.

Review by K.C. A. on 4/10
A keeper cleanser.

Love the foam and feeling that I am being kind and nurturing to my face.

Review by Marina M. on 3/4

Seriously so amazing... I don’t know how but my skin is SO smooth every morning after I use this, and that’s without exfoliating! It has a funny smell but it doesn’t linger after you wash it off. Love this product!

Review by Cecelia S. on 3/4
Is gentle, yet removes makeup

Is gentle, yet removes makeup in a snap!

Review by Lauren W. on 3/4
So fresh and so clean

I love the lightness and non cloying aspects of this cleaner. Cleans without drying out my skin completely. I don’t wear a ton of make up but it lifts the tinted spf, blush and eye shadow beautifully.

Review by Kathleen O. on 2/4
My favorite cleanser

I use this cleanser every morning and every night. It doesn’t try out my face so I can use it twice a day and is the best cleanser I have found. My skin tends to be more sensitive and this doesn’t make my skin dry or oily. Just a light wash twice a day. It’s my favorite and I buy extras so I have backups when I run out. I highly recommend!

Review by Lynn L. on 2/4
Wonderful products!

This cleanser works very well to gently remove dirt and other residue from my face. I like knowing that while cleansing, it also protects the integrity of my skin through its probiotic components. I follow the cleansing with a small amount of Mother Dirt moisturizing lotion, the latter of which is very soothing and softening. Lastly, I spray with the AO1 mist. The end result is that my 68 year old face feels great, and looks rested and healthy, despite my wrinkles. Thank you, Mother Dirt.

Review by Christine S. on 2/3


Review by Karen P. on 2/2

It feels very good on my skin and leaves it soft.

Review by Lucy H. on 1/4
Loving the body wash and

Loving the body wash and probiotic spray! Game changers! xox

Review by Matthew M. on 10/8
I love my Motherdirt

I mainly use there foam cleanser and body wash and there products are the only ones I've found that really help control my underarm odor. Occasionally I use the AO+Mist and Shave butter as well.

Review by Candice P. on 10/8
It was recommended per my

It was recommended per my dermatologist to use this product. Upon receipt of my first bottle and use I discovered this fluffy cloud like substance that was soft and made my skin feel clean and not stripped. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Review by Addie L. on 9/11

Before I tried this cleanser I had used many other face washes for years trying to find one that works and this is the only one that has done the job. It's not harsh on your skin so it doesn't leave it red and it balances the ph in your skin to keep it clear and pimple free. I highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with clear skin.

Review by Michelle C. on 9/6
So good!

I use the face cleanser as well as the body wash and both are wonderful. I’ve found I don’t have to immediately put on moisturizer. My skin has found a nice balance that I love

Review by Bryn E. on 8/12
great cleanser

I enjoyed my foaming cleanser! My dermatologist recommended it to me, and it did not aggravate my skin. I appreciate Mother Dirt for educating me about my skin barrier because I didn't recognize its importance until after I was introduced to their products and brand. About to order my third cleanser now!

Review by Samantha L. on 8/9
Love it

Hydrates my skin very well, without feeling heavy. Smells fine. Only wish it didn't pool the the cap.
Face wash seems gentile. Love it.
Only misgiving is how hard it is to get the last bit out. I shake it and sounds like there's a bunch. But hardly anything comes out.
Sort of experience

Review by Ellen on 8/7
Best cleanser

This is the first cleanser that I’ve purchased twice. The scent is subtle, and my skin is soft after use. So good!

Review by Samantha S. on 8/5
Love it!

I've used this cleanser for two years now and I love what it's done for my skin. I will never go back to do drug store cleansers ever.

Review by Liz D. on 8/2
Light & works

Light & works

Review by madelyn s. on 5/12
Highly recommend

Love this cleanser! Gentle but works

Review by Rob A. on 5/6

I have been very pleased with the cleanser I have used in combination with the pro mist. I enjoy its foaming nature and the feel after use.

Review by David C. on 4/10
Very easy to use and

Very easy to use and feels nice and fresh.

Review by Melissa F. on 4/10
My skin loves it. Makes

My skin loves it. Makes my skin feel alive!

Review by Jessica T. on 4/5
Favorite Cleanser

Love this product! Feels very gentle on my sensitive skin. I've been using it for almost a month and have already seen a huge difference in my skin. I'd recommend to anyone!

Review by Elizabeth P. on 4/5
My go to

Gentle on the skin but still leaves it feeling clean. I recommend for all skin types!

Review by Norman R. on 4/4
Light and refreshing

Great face wash product without the questionable ingredients of other brands. Pure and refreshing!

Review by John W. on 3/12
Please keep the large size

The foaming cleanser is a staple for me. I was disappointed that I could not find the large size the last time I ordered. I hope you will still offer it in that size.

Review by Sarah B. on 2/4
Great product

I use the foaming cleanser on my face and finish with the moisturizer and AO spray and my skin feels great. The cleanser is really gentle and effective so my face doesn’t feel tight after washing but it still feels super clean and soft.

Review by Valerie R. on 2/3
Soft skin

This foaming cleanser is gentle and refreshing on the skin. And the scent is lovely

Review by Gayle H. on 1/8
See my review for Mother

See my review for Mother Dirt Shampoo (sorry)!

Review by Olivia F. on 1/6
Gentle and soothing! Highly recommend!

Gentle and soothing! Highly recommend! Love the delicate and natural subtle scent!

Review by Jillian on 1/2
Never going to back to anything else.

The first day my product I arrived, I went straight upstairs and washed my face. I am not exaggerating to say my skin felt better after the first wash. No residue, no weird smell, no irritation. For someone who has (or should I say, had) a plethora of face washes cluttering up her shower, this has been a game changer. I use it with a little silicon scrubber, and after a month of daily use, my face is clearer, less irritated, and my skin feels so much calmer and happier. I've only recently started using it as a body wash, because I was (incorrectly) worried the bottle wouldn't last long, but I have a feeling the rest of my consistently irritated skin is about to be a whole lot happier!

Review by Chuck on 12/1
better feeling skin

My older brother told me about MotherDirt over a year ago. I was a bit skeptical. He liked what it did for his skin so I thought I would give it a try. Within a week or so I started to notice my skin was softer and less flakey. The winter dry skin issues went away. I notice when I travel and have not taken the cleanser with me that my skin does not feel as clean and the dryness starts to recur. I am a big fan as is my wife. Remember the old saying, "Listen to your MotherDirt".

Review by Nicholas T. on 11/7
Great cleanser

Very mild and does the job!

Review by Dawn A. on 10/1
Face and body cleanser

Bought this for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. She LOVES it !!!!

Review by nancy on 9/12
Love it

I can't speak of results yet as I have only just used it. But the feeling is GREAT. Velvety smooth and nondrying. Love love!

Review by Anita L. on 9/6
I love the feel of

I love the feel of my skin after using the cleanser. Also the concept of adding positive microbes back to my face.

Review by Gail D. on 8/5
I am thrilled that I

I am thrilled that I found a product that doesn’t dry my skin out like soap did!

Review by Claire D. on 8/3

My daughter loves these products! It is the only cleanser that is compatible with her oily blemish prone skin

Review by Shannon C. on 7/9
Great cleanser

This is a great and effective gentle cleaner. It doesn’t strictly your skin and make it feel tight. I really enjoy using it. My face feels so clean after using it. I use it morning and night. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a effective cleanser.

Review by Tammy J. on 7/8
Love the Mother Dirt cleanser

I love the Mother Dirt Cleanser. I like that it’s very gentle. I like that it cleans my skin without drying it out and leaves it very smooth and soft. I didn’t realize how even a natural soap bar was still leaving my skin dry until after using this cleanser for a while. I exfoliate a little with just a wash cloth and then use a small amount of the cleanser in my hands for my body. A little goes a long way. It makes a great shaving cream also. I love the simplicity of it and feel good about the ingredients. Couldn’t be happier with this cleanser!

Review by Jules on 7/1

I’ve tried plenty of skin cleansers and products—this one is it!! It works, and I feel like it is much more calming and soothing, and effective, to skin problems than most of the old school stinging types of face wash, etc. I love the foaminess and how it is nearly scentless, just subtly sweet, and so easy to wash off. It’s my favorite product I’ve ever used, and I won’t be switching—I rarely write reviews but this is such a deserving product!!

Review by Y B. on 6/12
Great cleanser

Everyone in our family has been using mother dirt for about 1 year now. From pre teen through adult. A very gentle cleanser that works for all skin types. We are very pleased with this product as well as the rest of the facial line.

Review by Bien P. on 6/10
Nice mild cleanser.

Nice mild cleanser.

Review by Owen C. on 6/9
Nice product.

I would like to order more products, but since I'm on a budget it is not so easy.

Review by Carlee M. on 6/3

I’ve been using the AO+mist and face wash for about three months and it has done wonders for my skin!!!! I highly recommend these products!

Review by Cynthia S. on 5/10
Foaming cleanser

Love how my skin feels after using

Review by Melinda N. on 5/6
Delighted with the cleanser

After using the cleanser my face feels wonderfully clean but also elastic and alive. I never had a complaint about my previous cleansing method, but it is poor in comparison to this. I sincerely think that if I had been using this cleanser my whole life of 59 years my face would look younger now than it does. That is how excellent this cleanser makes my face feel. It is expensive but a little bit goes a long way.

Review by Erin Z. on 4/12
Simple and works great

I love the feeling of being clean without being changed. The scent of the cleanser is light, mostly rosewater, and it doesn’t linger on me like fragrant body wash. My skin feels great, and combined with the spray, I notice that I have less body odor. I can wear my clothes longer (like, another day or two!) before they get musty! I’m so pleased to have found a really simple routine that my whole family can use (husband and two young kiddos). I would prefer plastic-free packaging. That’s my only complaint.

Review by Katie L. on 4/7
I'm in love

I've tried so, SO many different high-end cleansers over the years. Some have been pretty good, others have been so-so, while others have been a waste of money. Mother Dirt is something special though. No fancy scents or packaging. It just makes my skin feel and look great without any fuss—it's a nice kind of clean, I don't feel stripped or look super red or shiny. I will continue buying this and loving it.

Review by Hailey O. on 4/2
Body Cleanser - my favorite product

I've been struggling for the past 5 years to find a good face wash that was healthy yet effective for my skin. I first tried MotherDirt a few years ago and ever since I haven't used any other cleanser for my face. My skin glows and feels healthier. It's gentle on skin and is great for sensitive skin types.

Review by Lidea S. on 3/9
My skin is happier already

The AO+ mist really helped clear up a couple problem areas! I think this is what my skin was missing.

Review by Blake K. on 3/5
Best feminine wash on the market

Not only do I use this as an overall cleanser, this is the ONLY wash I have found that cleans without disrupting the natural balance of sensitive areas *wink wink*. Even the washes that are supposed to be made for women are terrible. This is the best!

Review by Anthony G. on 3/2
All products

I Have been using your products now for over a year, I can't complain. I highly recommend them!

Review by Wayne S. on 2/7
great product

great product

Review by Paige S. on 2/7
Customer service

I sent it to the wrong address and they fixed it so fast and were very helpful!

Review by Kristi M. on 2/6
Love this cleanser!

This cleanser is light and gentle but works great! I love the it doesn’t have a strong scent. And the price is great too!

Review by Emma L. on 2/3
Super awesome brand with high

Super awesome brand with high quality products!

Review by Robert M. on 1/7
Great face wash

I will probably never use another face wash for the rest of my life. Or a few years at least.

Review by Cynthia W. on 12/12

The cleanser is gentle. My skin stays soft and I don’t even need moisturizer for my face. At 60 years old, I am often told how healthy my skin looks. I usually get a shocked expression when I tell others my age. Buy this product. You’ll be glad you did.

Review by Anecia S. on 12/2


Review by Leila J. on 11/5
Great product! I love it!

Great product! I love it!

Review by Kathy F. on 11/3
Perfect Companion to AO Mist

Love the cleanser, cleans thoroughly and gently. Perfect companion to the AO Mist

Review by Donna V. on 10/12
Who needs deodorant when you have good cleanser?

I fell in love with this cleanser from the first time I tried it and forgot to use deodorant, but found out I didn't need it. A friend staying with me gave it a try and was amazed. "I thought you were exaggerating, but you weren't!" (I love saying I told you so.)
Not only does it control odor, it makes your skin calmer and look more radiant.

Review by Ronnie F. on 10/9
Great cleanser.

Great cleanser.

Review by Kevin N. on 9/9

Got the face and body cleanser. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. My wife loves it. This is the go to cleanser in our home.

Review by Rachel F. on 7/2

My daughter struggles with her forehead area, using mother dirt face wash for 3 days and already we can see a remarkable difference!

Review by Paige W. on 6/2
I saw a noticeable difference in 3 days' use!

After hearing this product mentioned several times through various media outlets, I decided to give it a try. I have combination skin that is somewhat acne prone, and was incredibly impressed by the results! I noticed smoother, healthier-looking skin after three days of using this product, in combination with a moisturizer.

Review by Jamie D. on 4/12
Great cleanser

This is a great simple cleanser. It leaves my face feeling clean and soft and I love knowing that it has safe ingredients. I am 41 and have developed sensitivities to products and this one is great for me. I ordered one bottle and re-ordered more to have as spares.

Review by Frankie on 4/11
I’m their new spokeswoman

Absolutely love this stuff. I have been recommending this product to EVERYONE. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received this past month! My skin has not looked or felt this good in a very long time. Thank you Mother Dirt!!

Review by Gyöngyi K. on 3/10
I love the silky texture

I love the silky texture of the cleanser. The scent is great too. My skin is soft and clean afterwards. I only need a few pumps for my whole body.

Review by Kristen K. on 3/7
Loving it

I’m so glad I bought and tried this! My skin is finally happy!!!

Review by Janet G. on 3/4
Great Cleanser

Both myself and my teenage daughter use this and really like it. Leaves face clean without drying it out. Removes make up decently as well.

Review by Alyssa B. on 2/12

Leaves my skin feeling soft. I love it!

Review by Debbie S. on 2/8
Face and Body Wash

I've only been using the wash on my face and I like it. It dispenses as a foam making it easy to use.
No waste ,plus as a foam it will last longer - I might start using it on body too.

Review by Tricia C. on 1/12
Finally, a foaming cleanser that doesn't strip and is Ph balanced!

This cleanser is so gentle but so effective. I use it mostly on my face and it cleans but does not strip. It leaves my face feeling so soft. It makes a great morning cleanser on it's own, and as a second cleanse (following an oil cleanse) in the evening. I have used some high end cleansers in my life, but this one is definitely a favorite. I have made multiple purchases of this item, and gifted it to my sister and girlfriends, they all love it!

Review by Krista S. on 12/12
My skin has never been

My skin has never been clearer. Using the wash and moisturizer daily!

Review by Mary M. on 12/10
Cleanser - Use everywhere

MotherDirt recommends you use this on your "smelly parts" - I use it in the shower and put it on my bath brush. I use it at night on my face to remove my makeup and then use MotherDirt Moisturizer and AO+ Mist. Once I started the bottle, I used a permanent marker to mark 30 days in the future. I ended up finishing the bottle the day before the 30 day mark. I feel it cleans my face and skin without leaving a lot of unknown substances on my skin that I get with a liquid soap/cleanser. I really like it!

Review by Cynthia T. on 11/6
LOVE !!!!

LOVE !!!!!

Review by Carol D. on 11/3
Best ever

This is the best face cleaner I have ever used. It leaves my very dry skin feeling fresh and not dry, and takes off every bit of eye makeup (which I soften with coconut oil first) where every other cleanser would leave me with dark circles under my eyes. Along with the use of the oil, I have finally taken are of my flakey skin problem that made foundation problematic. Thanks!

Review by Sara K. on 10/9
A new way to be clean

I am loving Mother Dirt! Using the cleanser makes me feel clean, and no more dry itchy skin from soaps! It's a new concept, to be sure, and it works!

Review by Kimberly D. on 9/10
MD Family Size!

This is What I have been Waiting For!! I love the travel/TSA size for traveling, But the size did Not last me a month! Finally after Many comments on their products, Which I LOVE!!! They have Now Made & Offer Family Size Foam Facial/Body Cleanser & Family Size Shampoo!!! Perfect for Me, I may use too much lol, but I Love this product!! In addition to the AO+ Spray, I can go a few days without showering!! It’s Crazy, But not gross! I Promise! This is a MUST TRY PRODUCT LINE! I tell Any & All who may be interested!

Review by Julie C. on 8/8
New User

I love the Face & Body Cleanser! I’ve tried other natural products that have such an odd consistence that I end up pitching them. I know that foaming and lathering typically comes via harmful chemicals but Mother Dirt has a great pump bottle that gives me that “luxurious” feel without all the harmful chemicals and a good dose of healthy AO Bacteria. Also, and super important, I’m a golfer so I have put the cleanser and AOB Mist to the test!! It works!! I don’t have any skin issues but really wanted something that made my skin’s natural biome happy!! It’s happy and I’m happy!

Review by Robert T. on 8/5
I love this stuff

I love this stuff but need some time to determine how good it is

Review by Melissa on 7/11
Omg!! Love!!!

I love love love this cleanser! It’s my all in one. I use it all over my body and I also do my face. It’s the best! And I feel squeaky clean without feeling dry! I love it! It’s gentle but effective. I just love it. And the price is nice too. I got the family size bottle. But I’m not sharing.

Review by Vince J. on 7/2

great stuff! My skin never looked better.

Review by Debbie S. on 3/5
Face and Body Cleanser

Awesome cleanser! Works great on sensitive skin!

Review by Elizabeth S. on 2/4
Didn't think I liked dirt

Didn't think I'd ever like anything to do with with dirt, but this product changed my mind. My skin is sensitive and the cleanser works great on the skin on my face and everywhere else. I feel clean but not stripped of everything good. I also feel my skin has improved- less bumps, redness, and itchiness. Can't wait for my next shipment :)

Review by Amy F. on 12/2
It works well

I started using the Mother Dirt cleanser as soon as it was made available. I appreciate that it preserves the skin biome, which translates into longer effectiveness of the mist. It works well. I appreciate that the product is free of any artificial masking fragrances. Haven't had an issue with expiration.

Review by Linda on 12/2
Love it!

Love it! Have not used deodorant since I started using the cleanser. And, deodorant never really lasted long enough for me anyway. So wonderful to know that it is safe and natural too. The shampoo is great for me, I swim a lot and it takes and sand and salt out of my hair like no shampoo has been able to. Thank you Mother D.

Review by Kellon13 on 11/8
I do not write a review until I have used the product until I have used the product over a period of time.

I do not write a review until I have used the product until I have used the product over a period of time. I changed from ordering periodically to a monthly subscription. I like the product. I feel cleaner using "mom dirt" then when I used soap. Not only that but I have had som skin improvement using the product. My skin type is combination - both oily and dry. The product seems to be helping that. The product does take time to work. It is not an overnight fix. I can say over time, my skin does look better and more healthy looking.

Review by Sara H. on 10/11
Best cleanser I've tried

Well, the title says it all. Doesn't dry my skin out, gets the job done. Lasts a long time too. Very happy with this product.

Review by Lucy on 10/2
Like no other product

The Mother Dirt cleanser (along with the rest of their products) is amazing! It's so gentle and versatile-- I use it on my face, my body, my hands, and to shave with. Since I started using the mist, shampoo and cleanser combo last year, my skin looks much clearer and less flaky. It's like no other product!

Review by Daria T. on 9/12
Great Shampoo and Body Wash

I have been using the shampoo since it was offered and love it. It is extremely kind to my hair and doesn't wash the life out of it. My hair is soft and very clean. The body wash is great too - I never use soap any more. The body wash is very effective and is never harsh even on the most sensitive areas of my body. I highly recommend both products.

Review by Becky C. on 9/2

I was SHOCKED at how easily and quickly the face & body cleanser removed my makeup. There was a lot of it (think, night out on the town) and it came off in one wash. Very impressive.

Review by Sarah B. on 8/10
my favorite cleanser!

This cleanser is so gentle, so thorough, and has no discernible fragrance. My skin looks fantastic- healthy, clean, and no redness. I use it in the shower as well- nice for the sensitive parts. I've been using it now for about 4 months.

Review by Jeff on 8/2
Works good with the mist

It is a super light foaming cleanser that works good with the mist. My water is harder on the aob's than this mist. Got a vitamin C filter.

Review by Erica K. on 8/2
This cleanser is very gentle

I was both intrigued and excited when I learned about these biome friendly products. This cleanser is very gentle for someone who suffers from incredibly sensitive skin like myself. I have problematic skin and this has worked well to calm and rebalance my skin. I look forward to watching the changes in my skin as I continue to use it. I was worried about it being able to remove makeup, I wear a tinted moisturizer and mineral powder during the day but it leaves my skin nice a clean with no residue. I highly recommend this product. Especially when used in conjunction with the AO Mist.

Review by Patricia M. on 7/8
Clean like a swim in a lake

I have been using Mother Dirt products for almost a year. My skin is better and clean has never felt so good.

Review by Devin on 7/3
A great change.

A great change. I have been using the cleanser for a few months, it is light and prefect for cleaning my face, and entire body. The light fragrance free foam leaves my face clean and just right, not dry as with other cleaners. I am a happy customer.

Review by Kylie L. on 7/2
I love the cleanser.

I love the cleanser. I have been using it along with mist for about four months now. It preserves my micro-biome while effectively cleaning my naturally oily skin without drying it out or leaving residue. Using both products has lead to significant reduction in the problem skin on my arms. These products are life changing and have helped my skin more any of the numerous products I was using before.

Review by Susan on 6/9

I am totally addicted to this stuff. I thought I was doing pretty well with my minimal approach, using a fat bar of Kiss My Face Olive soap for the last several years for my face and body. I've long kissed off shampoo 95% of the time. I prefer about 11 or 12 days of grime in my hair before I submit to shampoo.

Well, just wow. My only complaint about this cleanser is that I wish the bottle was bigger and lasted longer. I love how my skin feels with this. I've been using it now for a few weeks, and very recently I went out to my gardens to yank out the summer's weed growth and got so filthy that I opted for the Olive bar in the shower. Big mistake. Felt GROSS afterward. So accustomed am I now to the clean of this Cleanser.

I'll never go back now. I bought a subscription, and if I ever run out of this stuff, it will just be water in the shower! I love Mother Dirt!

Review by Jack on 6/2
Good stuff!

I've been using this for a few months now, and I've been perfectly happy with it. It feels very light and minimal - just enough to leave you feeling (and smelling) clean, but presumably without disturbing or removing the micro-biome you're trying to maintain. Seems to have very minimal and natural ingredients, and doesn't have any overpowering fragrances or anything. I would agree with other reviewers that it does leave your skin feeling a bit less dry and more supple in general, as opposed to using regular soaps or body washes. Good stuff!

Review by Amanda on 6/2
The scent is barely there

I've been consistently using the cleanser and mist for almost a year. I have very sensitive skin, and I love how the cleanser washes my face in the morning without stripping it and making it too dry. The scent is barely there and pleasant. I have concerns about all of the chemicals in regular soaps at the supermarket, and even the natural food stores. I feel confident this cleanser is good for my body!

Review by Lara on 6/1
Hooked for life

I've always had trouble with trying "gentle" cleansers. They were generally ineffective at actually removing all my makeup, left my skin feeling like I still needed to wash it, or irritated my skin or eyes even more than using plain handsoap. This is the first product I've ever tried that managed to actually deliver on the "gentle cleanser" promise. Hooked for life.

Review by Erin S. on 5/8
Happy Customer

Ive been using the Face & Body Cleanser for the past two months. I noticed an immediately on my face. All my blackheads disappeared in just a few days. Also, my skin overall cleared up. No blemishes anywhere. Great product.

Review by Mark on 5/2
I've been using the cleanser

I've been using the Cleanser for about 9 months and I love the smell! It also leaves very little residue on my skin and makes you feel fresh and clean. It's the perfect way to start the day and also know that you are still being easy on your skin and biome.

Review by Dina on 5/2
I really love this product

I really love this product-- it's the only soap I use on my face and body. It actually cleans without making my skin dry and itchy (a problem I have in the winter) and has no smell which I really like. I love the convenience of only using one product for both face and body. I only wish it was offered in a larger package since I use about 2-3 of these per month! I use this together with the mist and my skin is much softer than it's ever been and no need for moisturizer.

Review by Nicole on 4/2
Great cleanser.

Great cleanser. It is gentle, effective, and doesn't kill the bacteria!

Review by Robert M. on 3/5
I've been using the cleanser

I've been using the cleanser for three weeks and my skin feels great. I've always used what I thought were beneficial soaps (natural) but this is so much better. It does not foam up like conventionsal soap and does have a slight scent which disapates after being washed off. After I dry off, my skin feels much smoother and stays that way for most of the day. Great stuff!

Review by Talib on 3/3
Cleanser is remarkably gentle

My only wish is that it came in larger containers... I've been all over the spectrum with cleansers and I'm an obsessive 'have to be and smell clean' person. The cleanser is remarkably gentle and leaves me feeling and smelling super clean - for an unbelievably long time. And while I'm not quite ready to give up the sun, the cleanser and the mist have helped improve my complexion significantly.

Review by Eric on 3/2
The cleanser and shampoo work

The cleanser and shampoo work great for cleaning off dirt and grime but leaving my skin feeling normal. Works great with the AO+ Mist.

Review by Jess on 3/2
Love this cleanser.

Love this cleanser. I have used very drying products on my face for years, leaving me with skin that was both oily and dry- and still with problems. The combination of this and the spray were great- my skin tone and texture improved greatly, as did my other concerns. Great product.

Review by Jim on 2/2
Works great with the AO mist

Works great with the AO mist. Gentle cleaning, sweet and not strong smelling, and of course doesn't dry my skin. Highly recommended.

Review by Annette G. on 1/8
Face & Body Cleanser

I've only used it on my face.

Review by Emma M. on 1/8
Some of the best product I've used ... ever

I have combination oily/dry/acne skin, and every time I've tried something new my skin would switch to the opposite. Try something for dry skin which only makes it oily and vise versa. Not with these though! The cleanser and mist are my go-to now. I love it. My skin feels soft, less irritated and hydrated without drying. I use the cleanser on my face and body with every shower and I mist once on my face in the evenings before bed after the shower. However, if I use the mist more than once a day I have noticed a bit of drying. So before bed works best for me. I've noticed less acne, less redness, and overall a better tone to my skin. Most of my issues come from the things I eat and stress, because I'm an adventurous eater and highly anxious, but the ecosystem of my skin is now balanced which alleviates at least some of the problems. I'm allergic to perfume, and the natural formula is fantastic also. Plus, helps the environment- probably the best perk of all.

Review by Kate K. on 12/10
I've been using these products

I've been using these products for a few weeks now – and I love them! My skin and scalp are sensitive and I was always searching in vain for completely benign, unscented products to use. My skin is dry, so I don’t like to shower every day. These products really fit the bill - I love how my skin smells - and you have a regular customer in me!

Review by Wes on 12/9
This is a great product.

This is a great product. I've been a user of the AO+ Mist for almost a year and saw great results. But I am a shower lover, and I know certain practices and products can damage the biome. With the cleanser (and shampoo), this isn't a problem anymore. I thought my skin was great before, but after using the cleanser my skin started to improve even more. If you are a user of the Mist, give this product a shot to.

Review by John on 11/6
These products are great!

These products are great! The shampoo cleans but doesn't strip and I only use it about every other day with no oily look at all in between. I don't use a conditioner. The body wash cleans effectively as well but doesn't leave your skin oily or with any residue. I love them both and it's great they have no scent. Neither product seems to sting the eyes if you get a little in. Each bottle goes a long way

Review by Mike on 10/9
My skin never looked so good

I have been using the mist ever since the New York Times ran an article about it. More recently, I started using the Mother Dirt body cleanser and shampoo. They both are great complements to the mist. Now, I cleanse both my hair and body followed up with the mist. The results are fantastic. My skin never looked so good!

Review by Donald on 10/9
These are great products

I first read about Mother Dirt products in Bloomberg Magazine. I ordered all three; the mist, shampoo and cleanser and have been using all three for about a month. I used to shampoo daily which left my hair striped of its natural oils. Now I shampoo every other day with fantastic results. My hair is soft and shiney. The cleanser and mister are used after I shower and my skin also feels much smoother and softer. These are great products!

Review by Kristie K. on 9/9
More grateful than I can say

After 30+ years of burning, blisters and/or itching from commercial deoderants that could not eliminate a truly eye-watering odor, this works. I am more grateful than I can say. Thank you! Keep it up.

Review by Alex A. on 7/7
You'll see the results

It's about time we wake up to the fact that we've been fighting the good guys all along. So many unknown chemicals in skin care products these days which just kill and remove everything on our skin in an effort to keep us clean. I've been a loyal AO+ Mist user since the beginning and I swear by it as a deodorizer and skin health restorer. Commit to it for a week and you'll see the results. The deodorizing effects are instant and the life it gives back to your skin you'll begin to see after only a couple of days! Excited to see the many health benefits that come of restoring our natural skin and body biome. Great job AO for ushering a change of mentality.

Review by Kerry on 3/6
I love these products!

I love these products! They are both gentle but effective. The cleanser is a light foaming cleanser - it has a nice foam that is great for face and body (I sometimes use it for shaving too). The shampoo is a thicker gel, easy to use. Neither products have any fragrance, but they both have a very light, natural, scent that reminds me of grapefruit. They leave my skin and scalp feeling clean but not stripped dry. Love!

Review by Frances D. on 10/12
Amazing Results but not financially sustainable (for me at least)

I’ve been using the Mother Dirt AO+ Restorative Mist, Probiotic Moisturizing Serum and Probiotic Foaming Cleanser consistently, twice a day, for just over 3 weeks. The results were instantaneous. My skin cleared up overnight.

But the results were short-lived: I ate a lot of sugary junk over the holidays and my skinned broke out for a while. I think Mother Dirt probably helped to keep things under control, but it's hard to know. I've gone back more towards my normal diet now and my skin has cleared up again. This really hammers home to me that diet is a really important aspect of skincare--the mist IS a silver bullet, but it's an even shiner silver bullet if you don't fill your body with sugar and inflame your epidermis.

I am a 36 year old with combination skin: dry cheeks and an incredibly oily forehead/T-Zone. I was hesitant to use the Serum (aka oil) there, but I did. I can't say my personal oil production reduced at all (which I was hoping for), but the Serum helped my cheeks in the dry winter weather.

I went all-out on experimenting with the Mist: I was using the spray as deodorant and trying it on my scalp (to see if it would improve the look of my greasy COVID hair--which I think it did) and sharing it with my sisters a little bit here and there...More on the results in a minute...First I should share that I went through a single bottle of mist in 2 weeks! Thankfully I'd bought 2 mists (although I'd anticipated 2 bottles would last me for about 2 months)!

The spray as a deodorant had no effect for about a week, during which I didn't shower. My poor husband. Eventually the product kicked in and my BO went away. But sometimes it would come back (during a particularly stressful Zoom call, for example)--and I didn't want to torture those around me so I gave in and showered with soap. I also went back to my baking soda based deodorant, eventually...So, I don't know if the spray as deodorant is a sustainable routine for most people in a post-COVID world, but I enjoyed experimenting since I don't' have to be less than 6' feet away from anyone these days.

An interesting effect that I think the spray had on my face is that my eyebrows seemed to grow in fuller, and I SWEAR my hairline also started to look more defined, it's like baby hairs were suddenly growing in. (It didn't seem to have any effect on my chin hairs, thankfully. No new ones to report.)

A word for those in Canada on pricing: First of all, don't forget the site is in USD (duh), but in addition to the painful exchange rate DON'T FORGET ABOUT IMPORT DUTIES. I'd bought the products during the end-of-year sale and saved 25%, but I ended up paying CAD$35 in tax—which gobbled up about 40% of the money I had "saved". When I did the math, I realized each application, including the cost of the duties, was costing me almost CAD$5 a pop. That is some luxury bacteria, my friends.

While I really enjoy the product and will continue to tell everyone I know about it, I'm probably the only one I know who would splurge on it and I probably won't splurge again any time soon. For me it was a fun experiment, but financially it's very expensive and I'd probably only recommend it to someone who already spends CAD$150 a month or more on their skin. I'm not one of those people but I'm sure they are out there.

Review by George M. on 10/12
Seems alright so far

Haven’t really had any acne so I guess it’s good for that
We shall see in the long run

Review by Caitlyn B. on 10/12
So far, so good!

I have oily and sensitive skin, so it's hard for me to find a face wash to balance that. However, I love this cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling clean without being overly dry. I think it's worth a shot if you're looking to try out a more natural facial cleanser that's not too expensive.

Review by Charity R. on 10/12
Great Product

I love the product. It does dry out my face as I live in a very dry climate so I alternate it with a moisturizing face cleaner.

Review by Andrew T. on 10/12
Simple and effective

Gentle and works great for sensitive skin. I use it after shaving and it doesn’t dry out my skin. It helps give a clear complexion and healthy (even glowing) looking skin! Super easy and convenient and works well. No nonsense :)

Review by ANTONINA L. on 10/12

Nice foaming cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh but not tight or dry. So far have not noticed a change in the clarity of my skin but hoping I will over time to justify the price.

Review by Alaina T. on 10/12
Better skin

The acne formula has cleared my face up quite nicely. I still get a few breakouts but nothing like before. And there’s no perfume smell which I really like.

Review by Shanda on 10/12
I like it!

I like it! My only comment is that it's too much cleanser to use within the expiration time period. I want to be eco friendly and minimize packaging and shipping etc, but don't like the idea of having to throw out product. And since I'm showering less these days (thank you Mist!) I think I'm going to have a lot left over. I will update this review when my cleanser and shampoo expire.

Review by Bill M. on 10/12
A great way to preserve

A great way to preserve the skin biome and still feel clean! I would give it five stars but it doesn't quite hold enough soap to get me through the month: I end up having to buy two containers. Like most of the soap's reviewers, I've been happy with it: it's a biome-friendly soap that doesn't cause any irritation and does a good job. PLEASE SELL THIS IN A BIGGER CONTAINER.

Review by Courtney F. on 10/12
Soothing - Great product

I really have seen a good change in my skin from using this. I still suffer from breakouts but my skin looks far clearer than it used to. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and I find it is very comfortable to work with.

Review by Eileen G. on 10/12
Good product - shipping sometimes a challenge

These products really work. OK, I wish the "shelf life" were longer and the products didn't require refrigeration, but they do work. Shipping has been a challenge (needed to change the delivery date and that didn't get picked up in their system- but they sent a supplementary set so all was ok in the end. The products are expensive and you will need to calculate for yourself the "cost:benefit" ratio. For me, it's in the favor of the beneift.

Review by Caleb H. on 10/12
Great Product!

This stuff is awesome. It rinses clean and I don't feel like I still have a film on my skin once I've washed like I do with other soaps. I do, however wish the bottle was a bit bigger - maybe twice the size - for the price. That's the only complaint I have. The shampoo is great as well and gets my hair squeaky clean! At the time of writing, one 3.4 oz bottle of cleanser is $15 USD without any promo codes or bulk order discounts. Nothing to break the bank, but I wish it lasted longer! Thanks for all you do, Mother Dirt!

Review by Cmoney on 10/12
Great for the gym

I spray this on my sweatiest areas after working out and after showering. Love it!

Review by Donna D. on 10/12
Face and Body Cleanser

Mother Dirt Face and Body Cleanser does not dry my skin like other cleansers. I swim 4 days a week and it keeps my skin clean and soft.

Review by Shelby W. on 10/12
Great products!! But pricey.

I really like both the face/body soap and the probiotic mist. However they do seem a little pricey for what you’re getting. It won’t be something I’m able to afford as often as I need it!

Review by Taylor V. on 10/12
Face/body cleanser

I love the foaming texture of this cleanser and how completely it cleaned my skin and removed makeup. It was slightly drying to my skin at first.

Review by Julia M. on 10/12
Works great!

My skin feels so clean! The only reason this is getting 4 stars is packaging-- I wish this company had a take back program to reuse the plastic containers.

Review by Curtis S. on 10/12
Feels more like a mousse than a soap

Very un-soap-like. Has worked ok on my face and axilla but does not seem up to the job for the groin, have gone back to regular soap there. Does seem to leave more natural oil and moisture on the face. Using it as shaving cream as well.

Review by Tammy J. on 10/12
Mother dirt cleaser

I’m happy with the cleanser. It does a good job and is not drying

Review by Sonja L. on 10/12
still figuring it out

I love the shampoo and the face wash. I now only condition the ends of my hair with another natural product. the moisturizer is hard to use during the day because it leaves an oily sheen - I use a korean product that is 75% propolis instead and that seems to be working. I am still trying to figure out how to integrate these products into my routine, and I am slowly getting there. I am committed to the concept of a healthy skin biome and I am so happy that these products exist! I have combination skin - oily, acne-prone in some areas, eczema/flakey dryness prone in other areas, so it can be a challenge!

Review by Kayleen J. on 10/12
Seems to work well!

Seems to work well!

Review by Giovanna S. on 10/12
Review by Jennifer E. on 10/12
Does the job

This foaming cleanser does the job. It removes my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean. More importantly, it does not irritate my skin or leave it extremely dry like most cleansers.

Review by Nina S. on 12/11
Pretty good

It takes two big pumps of soap to get a full face of lather, and the lather dissipates quickly. However, I'm impressed at how well the cleanser removes makeup and leaves my face feeling clean without feeling stripped. Pretty good stuff.

Review by Chelsea S. on 12/7
Best cleanser I’ve used so far

I like how it doesn’t dry out my skin and it still makes my skin feel clean. I took away one star because of the plastic packaging because it is not zero waste. Even though it is recyclable only 8% of plastic gets recycled. I would of given the product 5 stars if it weren’t for that reason. Hopefully in the future they switch to a more sustainable material such as glass or metal and have refills.

Review by Chelsea on 12/7
Best cleanser I’ve ever used so far

I like how it doesn’t dry my skin and it still makes my skin feel clean. I took one star off because the packaging is made from plastic which is not zero waste and even though it is recyclable only 8% 0f plastic gets recycled. I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for that. Hopefully in the future they make a sustainable switch.

Review by Molly S. on 12/5
Body cleanser

I am really sensitive to smells especially flowers so I was a little concerned with the rose water but it’s very light. I love the foam texture for cleaning.

Review by Airele F. on 9/9
Gentle and non drying

I like this product so far

Review by Danielle A. on 9/7
Easy cleanser

I use this cleanser in the shower and alternate with a more "luxurious" organic formula. The foaming cleanser doesn't feel quite as hydrating but definitely does the trick and works in tandem with the mist.

Review by Grant W. on 5/7
Biome cleanser

This stuff was good

Review by Louis H. on 4/5
Face feels softer

Face feels softer

Review by Karen G. on 4/1

I'm about a month in, so I'm not sure it's been long enough to see results yet but great concept.

Review by Gina D. on 1/8

It does not need refrigeration, so I think it is working well.

Review by Andrew M. on 8/2
Great Product but Leaky Design is a Real Pain

I have been using the Mother Dirt Spray, Cleanser and Moisturizer for a year now, and have only good things to say about the brand and its effectiveness (its the only product I use now). But the Cleanser and Moisturizer have an annoying tendency to leak when traveling. The solution I found it to never allow them to become inverted, but that is not always feasible. The loss of product is annoying as it is not particularly cheap, but the moisturizer, though gentle on skin, is a real pain to remove from hard to wash items. The twist closure on the moisturizer helps reduce spillage, but its imperfect. Five stars for an incredible performing product, but minus one for a sub-par container.

Review by Kaitlyn S. on 2/3
Excellent stuff

My only complaints are: there is no SPF product in the line (I imagine mine isn’t great for the microbiome) and the face wash doesn’t remove all my makeup. I’ve stopped wearing foundation which helps, but it was a major concern when I still did

Review by Stephanie on 10/2
I trust the ingredients

I became interested in supporting my skin biome in 2014. I started using the AO+ Mist in 2014 and subsequently the cleansing products with satisfactory results. Personally, I have not had any major skin issues to notice any substantial change; however, I trust the ingredients more than I do conventional products. I occasionally find I still need to resort to traditional shampoo after a week or two, but the cleanser has been entirely adequate. I believe that in the future we'll learn even more about our skin biomes and how to care for them, and I am interested in voting with my money in support of companies who prioritize this kind of thinking with their products. Thank you!

Review by Philip M. on 6/12
Clean Skin

Appreciate how Mother Dirt Clean Skin seems to clean and yet not wash out the essential oils on my skin, and yet my skin feels clean after using it on my face and body.

Review by Elena P. on 10/12
Doesn't was as well as the previous version

Just as the new version of shampoo, the new cleanser leaves my skin oily and dirty. I will keep buying the previous version from sellers that still have it. But if it's the permanent change in formula, then I'll have to find another cleanse.

Review by Sara A. on 10/12
Mother Dirt Face and Body Cleanser

Here are the pros. It leaves my face and body feeling clean. It foams up initially.
I like the idea of putting good bacteria on my skin vs harmful chemicals. I also like the name of the product-Mother Dirt. I like how I was treated when I emailed the company. I received a response in a timely manner. It received good press.

Here are some things I did not like as much: I found it didn't leave my face or body feeling moisturized. I found it took many pumps of foam in the shower, The instructions said nothing about how much to use. It did say to use it directly on your skin vs using a wash cloth. I found it expensive at $15.00 for 3.4 ounces plus $8.00 for shipping. The shipping was especially expensive. I suggest selling it on Amazon Prime and selling it at Sprouts and Whole Foods. Good luck. With some fine-tuning, you will have a good product.

Review by Zabi S. on 10/12
Been using this cleanser for

Been using this cleanser for 10 plus days. Works ok but skin feels tight after using. Also does not remove makeup.

Review by Robert T. on 10/12
Too soon to tell how good this product is

I’ve just used the product for a week so it’s too soon to give an extended review. I do find that the body soap works better with a “scroungy” to apply and spread around better.

Review by Keri D. on 10/12
It's OK.

I purchased all 4 items. Shampoo is more than disappointing. If you have completely natural hair it may work but if you process it at all you will have no moisture left after shampooing. The oil seems good but I've lost half the contents from a leaky bottle. I have no opinion on the mist. Not sure if it does anything or not. The face wash is good. I have not had any breakouts and feel clean after using it.

Review by Trac on 10/12
Its to drying for my skin

Would not use again for face, but will use it for my armpits...it was to drying. I have the moisturizer and spray.

Review by Judi S. on 10/12
Not sure on this one

Not sure on this one yet

Review by Mvra111 on 10/12
Pump sticks

I'm on my 8th or so bottle of the 200ml size and my skin loves this gentle cleanser. Unfortunately something is wrong with the current packaging as the past 3 bottles I have used, the pump gets stuck in the pushed-in position and I need to pull it back out in order to use it. With the 1st of the 3 bottles, the sticky issue only came about halfway through the bottle, but with the 3rd bottle that I am still trying to use, the stickiness occured with the very first pump. I tried rinsing the pump seems just incase there was any build up of product, but it didn't make a difference. I've never had this issue prior to the past 3 I've received. Because of this issue, I won't be repurchasing until this issue is resolved because it is way too much of a hassle and I've found myself avoiding using the cleanser.

Review by carolt on 10/12
Smells awful

I'm using the face and body cleanser and I like them but the face wash has a terrible smell.

Review by Thomas F. on 10/12
Great product, horrible customer service

Great product, horrible customer service

Review by Darcy C. on 10/12
seems ok - "sudsy" -

seems ok - "sudsy" - great for the face. NOT ok for body - I tried all over and immediately had BO issues. Went back to my clean natural soap!

Review by Julian M. on 12/3
Love the product itself but

Love the product itself but the bottle that it comes with leaks. I just purchased the soap and after traveling out of town, the container leaked more than half of the liquid.

Review by Lee H. on 2/4
Mediocre face wash

The cleanser did its job at a decent enough price point. Lathering it onto my face can sometimes be a challenge as I feel my skin just absorbed it all anyways. Results have been mediocre. Nothing crazy. Just an average face wash.

Review by Nicholas z. on 10/5
Not enough for me

I'd been using trader Joe's tea tree face wash for about a year and decided to try this out. Idk if just the drastic switch was what made it not work for me or if I just generally need something more extreme than this face wash but it just wasn't a good match for me. I do like it for when I just need to rinse my face but not fully wash it though

Review by Maren on 3/10
On the fence

Im a bit on the fence on this one. It does remove my non-water proof makeup ok, but when it comes to sweaty armpits, Im sometimes still smelly after the shower. Not sure, I will re-order

Review by Sharon B. on 5/4
Product is great but runs out too soon.

I've been using mother dirt products for a few years now and really love them. I feel like I'm so pure and clean! But I'm just one person and the products expire before I can use them up, which feels wasteful. My only complaint. Otherwise, I'm happy with my mother dirty body and hair!

Review by Fonda H. on 2/10
Clean and natural

I love the unscented, natural, no-fluff cleanser. It gets my skin clean without the squeak, and removes most of the makeup too. Not sure my skin is loving it the next morning. So I’m still “playing” with it.

Review by Warren S. on 10/12
AO Mist worked, and then didn't

I'm not an granola crunching hippie trying to save the planet or avoid toxins. I'm just a big guy who works outside, sweats a lot and needs a solution for controlling the stink. For me, this is the first product that seemed to provide a little success. For about 2 weeks, I had stench control in a way that I haven't seen in years. However, I think that my AO organisms died off. I'm giving the bottle a shake and applying frequently and in greater doses. But it seems to be 0% effective. It gets warm in my upstairs bathroom during hot days, but not THAT warm. I'm disheartened. The cost is high, but would be worth it if it worked. 2 weeks is a bit disappointing. I'd be down to give it a second chance, but I'm not sure I'm ready to shell out if this is going to happen again.

Review by L W. on 10/12
AO Mist + Cleanser Combo

I was hopeful, but this combo clogged the pores on my face, terribly.

Review by Dinh L. on 10/12
Never received

I didn't get my package

Review by Alexander W. on 10/12
No Benefits

Unfortunately I haven't noticed any benefits to this product over traditional body wash. Given the price I would expect more.

Review by Shelly D. on 10/12
Didnt help with my sons acne.

Sorry to say this product didn’t help with my sons acne.

Review by MICKY N. on 10/12
Went bad really fast

I purchased this Cleanser along with the probiotic spray. The directions say that the cleanser does not need to be refrigerated and that it does not expire until 8 weeks after the first pump. I used it for the first time on Aug 20th and by Sept 18th it was starting to smell a little off. It is now Sept 25th, only 5 weeks since the first pump and it reeks! Its definately gone bad and I am not going to keep rubbing rotten product on my face. Who knows what kind of bad bacteria has grown in there. There is still plenty product left but the shelf life is only half of what is claimed making this product not worth the cost

Review by Morgan O. on 10/12
I actually paid $20 for

I actually paid $20 for express 1-2 day delivery. I am aware that it was around the holidays, but the delivery took almost a week of business days to be delivered. I shouldn't have paid extra for expedited delivery, because I think it would've arrived on the same day if I had done ground.

Review by Eva on 11/8
Horrible Smell

From the first time I used this the smell was just so off putting that it was difficult to keep using. I maybe tried it a total of 3 times but couldn’t get used to the smell. It smells like a mixture of dirt and chemicals. I only tried this as a body wash but can’t say I noticed it doing anything to my skin the few times I used it.

Review by Edward m. on 2/6
Please do not send anymore,

Please do not send anymore, I didn’t request any auto shipments.

Review by Laura G. on 2/3
Best skin since I was 11!

After trying every over the counter product and a number of prescriptions products, the Mother Dirt cleaner and probiotic spray in 6 weeks has given me the best skin since I was 11! I am now 58. After reading the book, "The Beauty of Dirty Skin" I followed the dietary and other advice from the book. The author, who is a Dr. has a website of recommended products. This is where I found Mother Dirt.
It takes some weeks for the Mother Dirt to really start working, it gradually gets better and better. I cannot believe it! I spray my face 4-5 times (to get all the angles) twice a day. One has to be careful not to wash your face with hot water to disturb the good microbiome that you are gradually creating.

About Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt’s mission is to restore the skin microbiome, revealing your most biologically balanced and vibrant skin. Using the transformative power of pre- and post-biotics and gentle botanicals, Mother Dirt products work in harmony with your natural microbiome to deep clean without stripping, balance oil production, soothe inflammation, and keep skin glowingly hydrated. Whether you’re acne prone or dry, oily or sensitive, you’ll see the same results - improved clarity and glowing, healthier-looking skin. Welcome to total skin wellness.

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