LuSa Lip Balm Set

Organic Lip Balm in Eco Tube Set of 3
2 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • packaged in a compostable paper tube
  • rich avocado oil & beeswax lock in moisture
  • no synthetic flavors, scents, or dyes

Product Details


LuSa Organic Lip Balms are handcrafted with high quality, all-natural ingredients. Pure essential oils in moisture-rich base oils and beeswax will leave your lips feeling fantastically smooth. 

Buy 3 and save! Choose 3 of your favorite scent:

Lavender & Rosemary — For ten years and running, this blend has been LuSa’s bestselling lip balm. Try one to find out why! 
Peppermint — Deeply moisturizing and just the right mix of mint! 
Spiced Chai — Cardamom, cinnamon, and clove mingle in this delightful spiced blend, inspired by the favorite drink. 
Sweet Orange — A delightful citrus blend. The perfect combination of sweet orange, lime, and ginger.

Size: 2.0 oz each

Use and care:

Rub onto lips to keep moisturized and protected.

Where is it made?
How is it packaged?
Paper tube and lid
End of use:
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What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

2 reviews
Yummy and eco-friendly
Review by Ashley F on 7/20
Yummy and eco-friendly

I got a pack of peppermint to share with my mom. We're both super picky about our peppermint lip balm. It has to be minty enough to tingle your lips, and be able to smell it, but not gag you. It also has to last on your lips. This fits the bill, and more. It is buttery creamy smooth. Compared to Dr. Bronner's this lasts much longer, but is not too thick on your lips. It smells a little stronger, which is important for my mom. The sweetest part, the compostable cardboard tube it comes in! These babies are going in the compost pile once they're empty. Now, I have to figure out which flavor to get after I need more.

Tube too skinny
Review by CJ on 10/17
Tube too skinny

Who has fingers small enough to be able to push up on this lip balm?!! Tube needs to be larger around or else make it a twist up tube. Nice enough flavor, but not easy to use.

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About LüSa Organics
LüSa Organics is a small family operation committed to supporting local and regional economies. Their ingedients are naturally sourced, primarily organic, and consistently high quality. They scent their products with essential oils and create color with natural pigments, herbs, and clays. Ten percent of LüSa’s annual profits are donated to organizations creating positive global change. Their intention is to leave the world a better, happier, and yes, cleaner, place for their work. To learn more about the family behind LüSa, visit their lovely blog at:

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