Aromatherapy Mist

Aromatherapy Mist
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What makes it Mighty?

  • aromatherapy mists help lift moods, ease minds and relax bodies with just a spritz
  • Hand-blended in small batches with 100% essential oils
  • Use as a linen spray, in the shower or while on the go when you need a refreshing boost

Product Details

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Asutra Aromatherapy Mists are curated aromatherapy at your fingertips. Crafted from essential oils, these aromatherapy mist sprays help to lift your mood any time of the day or night—whether you need an energy boost or want to unwind. Asutra mists are carefully hand-blended in small batches with the purest ingredients — no artificial perfumes or dyes. Asutra mists are formulated so they can hydrate your skin gently and effectively, so you get dual action aromatherapy and skin revitalizing benefits at the same time. Plus, the 100% pure essential oils in these mists are a great alternative to a diffuser, or use them as a linen spray to freshen pillows and sheets, or in the shower to create a mindfulness moment before bed or during your morning routine.

Anytime Energy Boost Aromatherapy Mist — Awaken your senses with this light, clean mist infused with sweet orange and eucalyptus essential oils. This unique, invigorating blend will lift your mood so you can refresh and reset. Simply mist any time you want to get up and be productive.

Refresh, Restore, and Renew Aromatherapy Mist — Revitalize yourself with this light, clean mist infused with tea tree and juniper essential oils. This unique blend helps to rejuvenate and uplift. Simply mist any time you need to revitalize.

Instant Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mist — Unwind and relax your mood with this light, clean mist infused with bergamot,patchouli and rosemary essential oils. Simply mist this unique blend any time you want to decompress and promote a soothing state.

Size: 4 oz

Use and care:

Shake well so that the essential oils and other natural ingredients are blended for maximum aroma. Mist your body (hold about 6 to 8 inches away, close your eyes and mist generously), room (hold high and mist generously into the air), linens (hold 6 to 8 inches away from surface and start spritzing), your car, or gym bag. Then, just breathe. Misting 2 to 3 times a day can do wonders for your state of mind and your skin.

Where is it made?
How is it packaged?
Plastic bottle PET #1 with Polypropelene (#5) Sprayer and Cap
End of use:
Rinse and recycle.
Is it Vegan?
Why yes it is!

What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

one review
Smells soooo good
Review by melanie on 6/27
Smells soooo good

This smells so so good and it lasts! I’m buying another!

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About Asutra
Asutra is a team of people that have your back (and elbows, knees, face, mind, and soul). We’re looking out for you so you can keep doing what you’re doing. What does that mean? Well, we believe in active self care. By taking care of yourself on purpose, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally, allowing you to take on anything. As we like to say around here: Self care isn’t selfish. Asutra is women-owned and women-led. We’re able to create products that help women because we’re made up of amazing women. Our natural, safe products are made by hand at an affordable price. We use organic plants, minerals, and essential oils. We never test on animals. None of our products contain parabens, phthalates, or petroleum.

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