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Atmosphere Mist by Ardent Goods
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Essential Oil Reed Diffuser by Ardent Goods
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Recycled Glass Soy Candle by Ardent Goods
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About Ardent Goods

Ardent Goods creates products that aim to reduce waste and include great design. Choosing all natural ingredients has always been our main priority, and we’ve kept to that standard by using essential oils, carcinogen-free fragrance oils, botanicals and other nourishing natural ingredients. We design products that are natural and clean and meant to be used again and again. Our packaging is always either multiple use or is recyclable or biodegradable. When creating a product we use the following criteria: 1) Can the product be used in different ways? 2) Packaging is either biodegradable or compostable or can be used multiple times for various purposes 3) Responsible, non toxic ingredients and sustainable textiles. We wanted to offer not just a sustainable product, but also maintain a high level focus on design. An eco friendly product that would sit on your kitchen counter and work overtime as a conversation piece. Though at times challenging, all of the goods under the ardent goods brand name are made in house and still in small batches. This allows us to continue to produce a fresh, well made, superior product that we can constantly improve upon.