About Creo

Creo was conceived to give food lovers the tools to explore, develop and express their creativity. We were inspired by the spirit of those who have elevated their enjoyment of food to an art form. And in celebration of these everyday artists, we created food preparation and presentation products that are well designed, responsibly made and beautifully functional. We’re excited to launch with unique products like Smartglass™, better made glass mixing bowls and bake ware designed to be beautiful standouts on the table and safe to use in the freezer, oven and dishwasher. And our Stax™ revolutionize preparation for the food lover who appreciates clever, easy ways to make food look restaurant quality. It’s been a fun journey elevating the food experience. And we’re just getting started so we look forward to hearing from you as you try our new products. And we hope you relish them as much as we enjoyed making them.