About Equinox Botanicals

Over 40 years ago we created an herbal salve using plants gathered from our farm to soothe the day-to-day wounds inflicted by fences, critters, and the rugged Appalachian terrain. The salve found its way to friends and neighbors, and before long we had people asking if they could buy it. From that humble beginning grew EQUINOX BOTANICALS™ and the herbal products we offer. We believe that EQUINOX BOTANICALS™ is something special. You see, we believe that our products are only as good as the ingredients from which they are made. And the quality of our ingredients is intimately tied to the quality of the land that yields them. Our farm, located in Southeast Ohio, "Appalachia's herb basket", is home to some of the largest wild populations of goldenseal, blue and black cohosh, wild ginger, and ramps in the United States as well as vast stands of ginseng, bloodroot, and countless other native medicinal herbs. Virtually all of the herbs we use in our products are either grown organically, without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, or ethically wild crafted right here in Southeastern Ohio. So we can be sure that only the freshest and highest quality herbs, harvested at the peak of their medicinal potency, go into our products. We can also make sure of something that's even more important - that the land, which cares for us, is being consciously tended in turn. In our 45 years on the farm, we have come to understand that the land is our steward as much as we are stewards of the land. To that end, our goal is as much about sustainable farming and harvesting practices as it is about producing the highest quality products available and we will never stray from organic practices or over-gather our herbs. All of our herbal products are hand crafted in small batches on our farm.