Cool Your Jets Body Mist by Luna Delgado Botanicals
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Cultivate Bliss Mood Mist by Luna Delgado Botanicals
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About Luna Delgado Botanicals

Luna Delgado Botanicals are luxurious Ayurvedic inspired all-natural products meticulously handcrafted in small batches right here in Evanston, Illinois. Richly bioactive serums, toners and formulas are blended using raw materials of the highest quality and purity. LDB, a family company, cares deeply about your well being and vitality, and are committed to engaging respectfully with customers, partners, co-workers, retail community, raw material providers and the global environment. Resourcefulness, purity and reliability are foundations for all choices made, from raw materials and recyclable glass bottles to packaging and manufacturing. Luna Delgado Botanicals is committed to being good global neighbors. LDB considers self-care an opportunity for deepening authentic connections to nature. Nature externally and internally. With a strong foundation in Ayurvedic herbal medicine, each formula is curated by Luna herself to cater to individual and seasonal needs. Honoring cycles of nature is foremost in developing our products.