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About Rae's Roots

"Rae’s Roots was started on the belief that happy, healthy moms will raise happy, healthy children. And maybe we can try to figure out motherhood along the way”— Joanna Linton, Founder. Our wellness blends were made specifically for moms in their motherhood journey. Your body’s daily needs fluctuate depending on your quality of sleep, diet and overall well-being. That is why we use a special group of herbs that “adapt” to what your body needs, when your body needs it. In the simplest form, adaptogens are nature’s natural stress fighters and can protect your body from the toxicity of stress. Adaptogens are a rare group of plants that are said to help with stress, anxiety, fatigue and immunity. They encourage your body to regulate its hormones so if you have low energy, it can rev you up, and conversely if you’re on edge, you’ll be able to relax. We worked hard to make sure the final product was something you would take pleasure in drinking. Self care should be enjoyable and fulfilling — otherwise it just becomes another task on mom’s to do list.