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Blossom Trivet by Spice Ratchet
$8.99 Sale$9.99 Regular
+ 2 options
Blossom Storage eCap, Small (for Weck) by Spice Ratchet
$2.69 Sale$2.99 Regular
+ 3 options
Silicone Straw Top by Spice Ratchet
+ 2 options

About Spice Ratchet

Spice Ratchet was founded by a busy mother who was constantly envisioning ways everyday kitchen tools could be improved. Spice ratchet is now a mother daughter team which is headquartered in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Although spice ratchet products are designed and distributed in the U.S, the company also has a strong familial partnership with their Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, ensuring high quality products and an effective cost model. Their product quality is always a priority as is their customers' safety and health.