About The Original Poop Bags

The Original Poop Bags has been saving the earth since 2003. As a single guy, living in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, I would always run out of the plastic grocery bags I used to pick up May’s poop. As a backup, I’d use the ones from the newspaper, sandwich bags, ask my Mom to save me bags, snag some from a friend’s house – it was crazy. Then I started thinking about all these plastic bags… I looked online and started reading more and more about plastic bags in general. How they are made, how they’ll never go away in my lifetime,and then I laughed to myself and said, “What if I started a company called PoopBags.com and sold eco-friendly dog poop bags for a living?” After purchasing the URL www.PoopBags.com and testing several manufacturers, with the help of my Vice President of Product Testing, Miss Cinnamon May, I chose the final product that launched PoopBags.com and The Original PoopBags™. Each year we have experienced tremendous growth, but we’re just getting started. Plastic dog poop bags are simply bad for our Earth. It takes oil to make them, they sit around for over 100 years, they harm fish and wildlife, they plug drainage sewers in cities, and the list goes on. We’ve moved from my dining room to a full blown warehouse, I have five employees for whom I am very grateful. With The Original Poop Bag, you’ll be saving the Earth, one dog poop at a time. Thank you for your support, we truly do appreciate it. -PC (Paul D. Cannella) aka Mr. Poop Bags™