6oz Wean Bowls, Set of 4 by Wean Green
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Wean Cube & Wean Bowl, Set of 4 by Wean Green
28oz Glass Meal Cube by Wean Green
+ 2 options
7oz Glass Snack Cubes, Set of 4 by Wean Green
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12oz Glass Lunch Bowls, Set of 4 by Wean Green
Wean Green Glass Storage, Set of 8 by Wean Green

About Wean Green

Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing parents with safe and environmental baby products that fit into every parent's diaper bag. We love researching environmentally friendly, modern, and unique baby products. With this in mind, we created a company devoted to combining eco and chic in all of our products. Our eco-chic designs make it possible for parents to choose environmental products without sacrificing style. The Wean Green team continues to design products that will meet the expectations of our weaners and their proud parents.