About Z Daisy

This is a story that you have heard before…but it is always fun to read about. Two moms, two friends, two people that love to be creative and want to go a little beyond the kids craft time with their creativity…and help with the family income if possible! Z. Daisy was created so that its founders can provide unique and fun products for babies, kids and grown-ups that are ready to be given as a gift…with no work on your end. They know how hard it is to buy the perfect gift, so they wanted to help you in that process and hopefully contribute to making your life easier. They also both have a passion for our faith and want to bless others in our business adventure. Z Daisy donates a percentage of each sale to help fund adoptions through Life International. Every child deserves a loving home and they want to help make that possible. As one of their families has been so blessed by adoption, they hope to bless others in return.