Metal Basket Essential Oil Wall Plug

Metal Basket Essential Oil Wall Plug Diffuser
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What makes it Mighty?

  • diffuse your favorite essential oils for refreshing ambiance
  • waterless operation, diffuse from the scent cartridge or directly from your essential oil bottle
  • continuous & intermittent settings with LED light display

Product Details

The Basket Essential Oil Wall-Plug Diffuser is a new way to get the benefits of essential oils without the need to add water. Either by placing a few drops of essential oil on a paper pad, or by inserting a paper wick directly into your bottle of essential oil, it is easy to use and makes changing scents simple. Serene House Wall-Plug Diffusers have two operation modes, continuous and intermittent, so you can customize your fragrance experience, and they feature an LED light that can be used for ambiance or as a night light.

  • 7 paper pads and 3 unscented wicks included
  • Essential oil sold separately
  • Refill pads and wicks available
  • Metal prongs of the plug rotate 260 degrees to guarantee they fit every outlet 

Size: 4.65” wide x 4.33” tall x 2.85” deep

Material: Metal covering, plastic base with electronic components and rotating standard wall plug.

Made in China

SKU: 181212004

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mighty bird

Overall Score

one review
Couldn't even use
Review by Brittni on 11/18
Couldn't even use

I didn't even get to try it. I did not notice until I got it set up that the plug is upsidedown. I don't have any plugs that I can put this in . I guess I will have to find some kind of adapter.

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