Bamboo Pot Scraper

Bamboo Pot Scraper
6 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • great for scraping grease and grit off of stainless steel, ceramic & cast iron pans
  • plastic free alternative to synthetic scour sponges
  • made from naturally antibacterial and sustainable bamboo

Product Details

Bambu pot scrapers remove stubborn food and other substances safely without scratching cookware or kitchen surfaces. Hand-crafted from certified organic bamboo, one of the fastest growing renewable resources, they are a great choice for the environment. The scrapers are lightweight and stronger than wood, and the small size fits perfectly in your hand. Each corner has a different shape, making it the perfect tool for cleaning any shape of pots and pans. 

Use Bambu’s Bamboo and Wood Grain Finishing Oil to keep your bamboo beautiful for years

Materials: Certified Organic bamboo with Natural food-safe oil finish

Size: 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"

Made in China

SKU: 56110

What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

6 reviews
Great scraper
Review by PilatesMama on 2/8
Great scraper

We recently switched to stainless steel pots and pans, which bake in a layer of almost everything. I bought this little scraper and it works wonders to clean the pans! I just bought my MIL one also.

$3 well-spent
Review by Jasmine on 9/2
$3 well-spent

I can't believe how much of a difference this simple tool made in doing dishes.

Review by Alyssa on 7/30

Totally worth the $3 - this product makes scraping pans so much easier. I muck up my cleaning brushes so much less now. Heck of a find.

Review by Deb on 4/29

This thing works! I use it scrape my cast iron pans and it makes cleaning those so much LESS of a chore and helps maintain them properly. Definitely worth the few bucks!

Review by Merrill on 12/22

My husband just proclaimed that this little tool is f#$king amazing... (excuse the language). It scrapped off food from his cast iron with minimal effort with no soap needed.

Handy, plastic-free tool
Review by Allie on 12/28
Handy, plastic-free tool

I purchased this to replace my plastic pot scraper. My original pot scraper was getting damaged and losing bits of plastic - no way I want that in my kitchen. This bamboo scraper by Bambu works even better, and I don't have to worry about accidentally ingesting anything terrible. Love Bambu brand!

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About bambu
bambu is a renewable ideas company building interest and appeal in renewable materials through original designs and material innovations, and through their own imaginations. bambu strives to lessen the impact placed on the planet’s limited natural resources. And take a socially responsible approach to products, processes and practices. Products are made only from bamboo that is sustainably harvested and free of fertilizers or pesticides. And naturally, they use only water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives.

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