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Swedish Dish Drying Mat

Swedish Dish Drying Mat
7 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • absorbs up to 15 times its weight in water
  • biodegradable & compostable

Product Details

Swedish Drying Mats are made from the same super absorbent fabric as our favorite dishcloths — just bigger! The natural, earth-friendly cellulose & cotton fabric was invented in Sweden in 1949 and absorbs 15 times its weight. Fits under a countertop drying rack. Perfect for catching water coming from your freshly washed dishes or glassware, or from your freshly washed produce. 

Note:  If using mat on its own (not secured under a drying rack), dampen mat and wring dry then place on countertop.  This will allow for a flat drying surface.

Machine wash when needed and air dry.  Biodegradable and compostable. 

Size: 13.7” x 12”

Made in Sweden

SKU: CN-mat

What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

7 reviews
Review by Nina on 10/21

I am a huge fan of the Swedish dish cloths (they are super cheap if you purchase them in Sweden, by the way). So, I was happy to try this dish drying mat. I use it under veggies I have washed before prepping for meals--a major paper towel saver. I use it under glasses and dishes I have hand washed. Yes, it does not naturally dry flat, but honestly that doesn't matter to me. I don't store it on the countertop. When it is done with its job, it goes back under the sink. I also haven't noticed any stains, but I have successfully washed the dishcloths in the washing machine. so I am sure this will also clean up. Also, I did have one that was dirty, but when I used it with bleach to clean the bathroom, it also came clean. These dishcloths don't wear out. They last a very long time. And, when you are finally done with it, it composts. What could be better? It is no wonder these come from Sweden. If only the rest of the world cared as much about nature and the environment.

Very absorbent
Review by Eve on 2/26
Very absorbent

These are really absorbent and work great for drying dishes. They do get stiff when they dry, but I don't mind that, since they soak up so much water. The only downsides:
1. They do stain easily, so then they don't look great for long.
2. I accidentally threw one in the dryer (I know, this was not recommended). It shrank A LOT! It is half the size it used to be. I'll be washing in the dish washer from now on to make sure I don't miss it when transferring laundry to the dryer.

Pretty, but a little too small
Review by Carol on 11/24
Pretty, but a little too small

I'd love this if it were a bit larger all the way around. As it is, it doesn't cover enough under my dish drainer to be really useful. I like to set small items on the mat beyond the drainer, and this one isn't even large enough to cover the whole space beneath the drainer. It's going to turn into an extra large dish cloth, I guess.

Doesn't dry flat...but very absorbent
Review by Courtney O. on 3/14
Doesn't dry flat...but very absorbent

This mat catches a LOT of water, but it is impossible to get it to dry flat. It unfortunately looks rather shabby all wrinkled and scrunched under my drying rack. I do have one under my dog's water dish, and it seems to do well to protect our wood floors.

Not worth it
Review by Bridget on 6/14
Not worth it

I had put these under my bottle drying rack and they do absorb a lot of water but they DO NOT dry flat. The corners keep curling up and makes it hard to use. I wouldn't recommend these, a normal dish towel do just fine.

Review by Meg on 4/10

This is horrible for the counter. I wish I had read some reviews before purchasing. It does hold a ton of water but it never lies flat. You can’t really let things dry in it because it is so uneven.

Review by Jill Baines on 2/23

This was the worst. A total waste of money. It feels like a thick paper towel. I don't know how this could possibly be washable like they say. It won't lay flat and got even worse after I put a couple cups to dry on it. Now the edges are so curled up that if I try to put a cup on it, it just pops up and tips the cup over. I'm so disappointed.

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