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Swedish Dish Drying Mat

Swedish Dish Drying Mat
5 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • absorbs up to 15 times its weight in water
  • biodegradable & compostable

Product Details

Swedish Drying Mats are made from the same super absorbent fabric as our favorite dishcloths — just bigger! The natural, earth-friendly cellulose & cotton fabric was invented in Sweden in 1949 and absorbs 15 times its weight. Fits under a countertop drying rack. Perfect for catching water coming from your freshly washed dishes or glassware, or from your freshly washed produce. 

Note:  If using mat on its own (not secured under a drying rack), dampen mat and wring dry then place on countertop.  This will allow for a flat drying surface.

Machine wash when needed and air dry.  Biodegradable and compostable. 

Size: 13.7” x 12”

Made in Sweden

SKU: CN-mat

What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

5 reviews
Very absorbent
Review by Eve on 2/26
Very absorbent

These are really absorbent and work great for drying dishes. They do get stiff when they dry, but I don't mind that, since they soak up so much water. The only downsides:
1. They do stain easily, so then they don't look great for long.
2. I accidentally threw one in the dryer (I know, this was not recommended). It shrank A LOT! It is half the size it used to be. I'll be washing in the dish washer from now on to make sure I don't miss it when transferring laundry to the dryer.

Doesn't dry flat...but very absorbent
Review by Courtney O. on 3/14
Doesn't dry flat...but very absorbent

This mat catches a LOT of water, but it is impossible to get it to dry flat. It unfortunately looks rather shabby all wrinkled and scrunched under my drying rack. I do have one under my dog's water dish, and it seems to do well to protect our wood floors.

Not worth it
Review by Bridget on 6/14
Not worth it

I had put these under my bottle drying rack and they do absorb a lot of water but they DO NOT dry flat. The corners keep curling up and makes it hard to use. I wouldn't recommend these, a normal dish towel do just fine.

Review by Meg on 4/10

This is horrible for the counter. I wish I had read some reviews before purchasing. It does hold a ton of water but it never lies flat. You can’t really let things dry in it because it is so uneven.

Review by Jill Baines on 2/23

This was the worst. A total waste of money. It feels like a thick paper towel. I don't know how this could possibly be washable like they say. It won't lay flat and got even worse after I put a couple cups to dry on it. Now the edges are so curled up that if I try to put a cup on it, it just pops up and tips the cup over. I'm so disappointed.

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