walnut scrubber sponges

Walnut Scrubber Sponge (2-pack)
12 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • Cellulose absorbs while walnut scour scrubs without scratching
  • Not treated with triclosan or harsh detergents like many conventional sponges
  • no dyes or artificial fragrances

Product Details

This plant-based and walnut shell beauty takes on tough jobs without being hard on the planet. The absorbent side is made from undyed plant cellulose; the scouring side is powered by walnut shells.

Set of 2 sponges

Materials:  Cellulose, walnut shells, recycled plastic. (No sweat if you’re allergic to nuts -- these pads won’t cause a reaction.)

  • Scrubbing power from walnut shells
  • Absorbent and abrasive
  • Cleans dishes, countertops, appliances and more
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave to disinfect

Responsibly made in China

SKU: FC11208

What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

12 reviews
Just a Regular Sponge!
Review by Dominique on 7/15
Just a Regular Sponge!

These do the job and work really well, can't ask for anything more. It was a little off-putting at first when I opened them because they have a strange odor, but it goes away after using it a few times. Definitely and easier and better replacement to my regular sponge! :)

Review by Sharon Hannah on 7/7

These sponges are great! My husband loves them for cleaning his electric grill.

long lasting
Review by Emily Simmer on 12/18
long lasting

This doesn't crumble apart like your average sponge. Another product that seems more expensive up front but is high quality that's so worth the investment. Also after hearing how un-ecofriendly typical sponges are I am happy to make this switch.

Review by C. Nichols on 9/9

Best scrubbers out there

Walnut scrubber sponge
Review by Cheryl Ann Rice on 7/26
Walnut scrubber sponge

Hold up well. I only use these or coconut sponges.

Review by Cheryl Ann Rice on 6/16

Great quality, study plant-based sponges!
Review by Calley on 11/4
Great quality, study plant-based sponges!

I have been a long time user of Scotch-Brite (and similar) scrubber sponges, so I was unsure of how well a natural alternative would hold up. These are really great! They are strong and gentle, and soap foams up very nicely in them. Would highly recommend.

Review by Meg on 3/11

I didn't think I would like these but I am pleasantly surprised. Putting more in my next months order :)

My new favorite sponges
Review by Deborah on 2/15
My new favorite sponges

These are the perfect sponges. They clean everything -- no matter how stuck on. And they don't fall apart. I LOVE that they are made from acorns.

Works just as great as conventional sponges
Review by Y Kim on 12/28
Works just as great as conventional sponges

And I just toss them in the compost/yard waste when I'm done - which I absolutely love!

Review by Debra on 8/31

I really love these! I wash dishes by hand and I love to cook, so for the amount of punishment these get they stand up great. When they get too worn out to do dishes I keep them for cleaning eggs from our chickens or cleaning around the house. If used long enough, they break down to almost nothing, so I don't feel bad when I get rid of theml

Disappointed that it comes in plastic packaging
Review by Una on 11/26
Disappointed that it comes in plastic packaging

I was disappointed that it came in plastic packaging. I bought it because it made from natural materials but then for it to come in a plastic packaging seems counterintuitive. The sponge itself is great though.

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