Ant Remedy Spray

Ant Remedy Spray

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What makes it Mighty?

  • Powered by natural Rosemary oil
  • Direct spray formula
  • safe to use around kids & pets

Product Details

Aunt Fannie’s Ant Remedy says goodbye to ants and goodbye to harsh chemicals. We like ants — just not in the house. When ants get in, take care of business without harsh chemicals or nasty odors. Aunt Fannie’s pest control solutions are entirely effective without harsh chemicals or propellants. They are essential oil-based, so they smell good and are safe to use around kids & pets (when used as directed).

  • Hard Working
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Kid Friendly
  • Direct spray formula
  • No petrochemical propellants, pyrethrins, formaldehyde, harsh chemicals

Size: 16.9 oz

Use: Spray directly on the ant or infestation. Tips & Tricks—Keep ants at bay by keeping floors swept, water at a minimum and food crumbs clean.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Oleate, Potassium Olivate, Water, Rosemary Oil

Made in USA

SKU: ANTR-1701
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About Aunt Fannie's
Healthier Housekeeping with Aunt Fannie’s. WHO IS AUNT FANNIE? Inspired by our founder’s grandmother, Aunt Fannie is an homage to those who get it and get it done. The roll-up-your-sleeves type who takes on the unidentifiable, the post-party, the creepy crawly or the personal mess without fear. Or fumes. Aunt Fannie’s believes in a healthy balance between our bodies and the indoor microbiome, so we don’t use man-made antibacterials. We aim to use ingredients in their original state, unaltered in labs. We do not use naturally derived but questionable ingredients like formaldehyde or petrochemical propellants. It doesn’t take sickness to get well. We’re all in this world together, so please, join us in learning about how we can reclaim our homes, our health and our place in the bioverse.

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We make it easy for families to create a healthy home. Each of our 1000+ products has been thoroughly researched to be free of concerning chemicals, and hand-picked for its quality and design. With products for the whole family, ranging from kitchenware to reusable lunch gear to skincare, it is truly better living made easy.