Bed Bug Powder

What makes it Mighty?

  • Earth derived rock and mineral based powder
  • Geranium & cornmint essential oils work as powerful natural repellants & insectides
  • For cracks, crevices, carpets, mattress seams, bedroom furniture and luggage interiors

Say good night to bed bugs and sleep easy with Aunt Fannie's Bed Bug Powder. This hardworking formula,  powered by essential oils, is effective against bed bugs without the use of harsh chemicals. Tackle bed bugs with a simple sprinkle in and around applicable hot spots and enjoy peace of mind with this kid- and pet-friendly formula.

  • Effective against bed bugs
  • Hard-working formula is powered by essential oils
  • Safe for use around kids and pets when used as directed

Size: 11.5 oz

We are unable to ship Bed Bug Powder into Alaska, Nebraska or Washington.

Use and care:

Sprinkle in cracks, crevices and carpet. Apply around base and frame posts of your bed, along the seams of your mattress and behind or beneath other bedroom furniture. Can be applied inside empty luggage, especially when returning home from travel.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
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Primarily plastic and recyclable

How is it packaged?
Plastic bottle
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Bed Bug Powder
Bed Bug Powder

Mighty Rating:

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100% natural ingredients
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Not Required.

Ingredients Details

Pumice, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Silicate, Calcium Carbonate, Geranium Oil, Cornmint Oil

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