Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 3 Pack

What makes it Mighty?

  • Innovative beeswax and plant oil pod holds concentrated liquid and is fully compostable
  • Concentrated pods eliminate bulk of bottle and weight of water for streamlined shipping to lighten carbon footprint
  • Powerful plant-based cleaners; each pod makes 13.5 ounces of floor cleaner

Etee Floor Cleaner gently lifts dust, grime, and foot/paw prints while leaving an uplifting scent of the North Air throughout your home! It performs just as well as the leading floor cleaners - using lab tested chemistry - but without the plastic or harsh chemicals. Etee's team of innovators created a natural, one-of-a-kind, wax-based pod that holds the concentrated floor cleaner so that you can wave goodbye to plastic bottles. The pods are made primarily from beeswax and tree resin, as well as a few other plant based oils - and they're fully backyard compostable!

  • Clean without harsh chemicals
  • Plant Based Ingredients
  • Compostable Pods
  • Fresh & Crisp Woodsy Scent

Size: Contains 3 pods / each pod makes 13.5 oz of floor cleaner / bottle not included

Use and care:

To make solution, fill a bottle or spray bottle of your choice with 12.5 oz of water. Rip open your pod of Floor Cleaner Concentrate over the bottle and pour the concentrate into the water. Screw on the top and shake to mix.

To use, sweep or vacuum the floor first. Spray directly on the floor or a damp mop. Wipe floor to clean. Alternatively, add 2 tablespoons of solution per one gallon of warm water and mop floors.

Mixed solution should be refreshed every 60 days. Store unused pods in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years. 

Dispose the pod in the compost or garbage (rest assured it'll biodegrade in either).

Where is it made?
this product scores 3

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3

Fully compostable; plastic-free except minor components for functionality (e.g. lids/pumps)

How is it packaged?
Paper box
End of use:
Recycle or compost
this product scores 2
Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 3 Pack
Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 3 Pack

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Has 100% ingredient visibility, includes some synthetic ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Preservative Ingredients are:
Nature Identical.

Ingredients Details

Purified reverse osmosis water, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, A blend of six surfactants, Isopropyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, North Air Synergy Fragrance, *Probiotic Bacteria Blend

*Probiotic Bacteria Blend A line of Bactizyme product that contains non-pathogenic (ie. harmless to human) bacteria spores. These bacteria are naturally occurring and selected for their ability to express enzymes that degrade fat, oils, and greases. This leaves behind a selective bacteria that will out-compete/replace the normal bacteria that is everywhere and continue to clean the floor after the cleaning is complete (i.e. after the mop and pail is put away)

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